Netanyahu announces plans to annex West Bank areas – if elected


Final update: In his short address, Netanyahu promised that if he’s elected to another term he will annex the Jordan Valley – and possibly other areas as well after the Trump administration presents its peace proposal.

UPDATE: The Blue and White and Democratic Union parties wrote the head of the Central Elections Committee, Supreme Court judge Hanan Melcer, on Tuesday urging him to prevent broadcasts of a speech by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the end, it will be live, with a 10-minute delay.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is delivering a statement in Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv region, on Tuesday, September 10. According to reports, a Likud spokesperson said a ‘dramatic announcement’ is expected with ‘no further details’ to be given until the statement is made.

On Monday, Netanyahu said that Iran had destroyed what he called a ‘secret nuclear site’ in Abadeh, south of Isfahan.

Channel 13’s Barak Ravid says a “senior Israeli official” is telling him the prime minister is going to announce plans to annex parts of the West Bank.

Another source close to the PM says he may be announcing an election “gift” from US President Donald Trump: the release of former spy Jonathan Pollard from the requirement that he remain in the US, and his triumphant arrival in the Jewish state.


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