13 year old ends up in the Police station for messing around with BB gun


A 13-year-old kid having come fun ended up in the back of a police car and brought in the PD headquarters after he was messing around shooting other kids with some sort of BB gun.

Witnesses tell GreaterLakewood it appears the kid shot some other kids on Kingsfield in Westgate with “water balloons or some sort of stuff.”


  1. Pathetic. LPD save your energy for real crimes. Oh I forgot- you dont want to mess with the bad guys, thats why we have burglaries on a weekly basis in this town.

  2. One is obligated to be grateful. The men and women of the Lakewood police put their lives in harms way to protect all the citizens of Lakewood. Most tragically one lost his life to a cold blooded murder. May said officer R.I.P.

    On behalf of myself and all thinking citizens of Lakewood we offer our sincere thanks to all the members of the Lakewood police department.

    We hope you are safe and that with the enhanced security measures you are able to apprehend anyone perpetrating a crime.


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