Aaron Lang went on a ‘twitter rampage’ against Lakewood’s school system.

Aaron lang is a teacher in the public school, as well as an attorney. He learned in BMG for 16 years and consulted with Da’as Torah on many occasions. Lang recently filed a lawsuit against the state to help save all Lakewood schools and was recently demoted from High School to elementary…

Lang wrote, “Vision to transform district & all citizens will be stakeholders. Free courses/shop for all; LHS in NJ top 100; work/study integrated; build infrastructure of opportunity & engine of growth for posterity. Gangstelach blocking past 10 years will be emaculated. My case just a step.”

Lang said he applied for superintendent of Jackson, Tweeting, “Applied for superintendent of Jackson. Doubt I’ll get called; unprecedented to go directly from bottom to top. But they’re looking for help solving funding. Wasted my productive years in Lakewood. Thought solving tuition & funding crises will get me promoted but kept at bottom.”

Final takedown: “In normal America you move up if you have any of the following: the degrees, leadership, value or experience. DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND LAKEWOOD IS NORMAL. I come from real America, not Lakewood, where EVERYONE is a professional; anyone that pays their dues moves up the ladder” Lang concluded.


  1. The VAAD says everyone must be totally indebted to them, otherwise they cut them down to size like in Sedom.

    Only snakes that will nip at the feet of the VAAD will get anyplace.

    The VAAD is our problem, not our solution.

  2. Aaron Lang is an experienced lawyer and educator. He has worked hard to solve the tziburs education crisis. Our leaders have. when burying their heads in the sand and passing the buck to struggling taxpayers. Mr. Lang has worked hard to try and solve the problem. I stead of receiving support for his efforts, he was punished and treated like a piece of worthless chattel . What makes this situation so sad is when those that treat people trying to do what is good and right, and trying to make a kiddush hashem are themselves lowly, corrupt , as Mr. Lang calls them gangstlech. The saddest part is that we just go back to our daily routine and shake our heads as if there is nothing we can do. His ideas are what would be best for our taxpayers and all our children in private and public schools. But there are too many people making money off the status quo and do not want to see any changes made. I am running for office with a capable running mate. We are planning on making some really big changes. And I only hope that Aaron Lang will be ready to help us still.

  3. I would like to share my opinion about the local political situation in Lakewood. At this point no one running for office can win without a V. endorsement. With no real competition, fewer & fewer people are voting. This weakens the power of the V. & makes it appear as a theocracy not as a duly elected committee.
    The V. Therefore fields an opposing candidate to challenge their candidate to make it appear as though there’s a democracy & to get out the anti V. Vote. This is why the opposing candidate is extremely respectful of the V. Candidate & only has the nicest things to say about how things are going. It’s just a way to get out more votes & make it look fair & square.
    The takeaway: even when you vote against the V. You are voting for their candidate.
    No Normal person would run unless the V. Asked them to run, including the opposing candidate.
    This is how manipulated we are in this town.
    The best protest would be for no one to vote. Stop voting for the V’s sham candidates.
    There’s no reason to vote in a theocracy.

  4. There at least four motivations for the V. to set up a straw opposing candidate.
    1) it gets out more votes
    2) it looks like were a democracy
    3) it splits up the opposition to the incumbent, making it very difficult to mount a challenge.
    4) in case enough people vote against the incumbent, they still have their man in power.
    This is why the same benign campaigns are launched as an opposition each elections. The losing candidate heartily congratulates the winner after he loses because the whole thing was a set up.

  5. Soon the Vaad will be Running a City Full of Chassidim. Good luck to them. It is only a matter of time until the Chassidim give them a Kick in the Rear End

    • Very True point. It’s a matter of time till the chasidim have enough votes to vote in their guys. What the vaad/BmG Aron etc. Dont realize is the chasidim are playing nice now and kissing the quote in quote ring of the R”Y and Aron so long they are in the minority. Once they have enough votes to vote in their guys which is just a matter of time due to their sheer amount of building going on, Belz,4.0 Vishnitz Satmer etc. Then they will decide town policy and the Vaad and Crew will realize how big of a mistake they made being welcoming and advocating for the chasidim to pad the local developers who are building their housing pockets. In the end the chasidim will have their agenda and will be big fights for power and the every day citizen in this town will suffer even more, if that’s possible. What a mess, at this point I thankfully plan on moving out and will watch the mess from a safe distance.


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