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If you are wondering:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you all about?
  • What agenda do you want to push?
  • Who really owns it?
  • Are you pro or anti the “Lakewood Vaad”
  • Republican or Democrat
  • Trump fan or never Trumper

The answer is simple:

  • We are a group of people, just like you
  • We report facts – unbiased
  • No association with any group and no affiliation with anyone
  • We actually have no connections!
  • We are here for you, so share your tips 🙂
  • Sources will remain anonymous – strictly enforced
  • Daas torah has last word on what we can/cannot publish

P.S. We are a drop biased

  • We are unapologetically Pro-Israel – the word ‘settler’ will not be found on our site
  • Our team takes a tough stance on Anti-semitism, tougher than any other “ism” – because we happen to be Jewish 🙂
  • Beliefs that are against our Jewish values e.g. abortions, will be frowned upon & we will not be P.C. (politically correct) about it

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