Alabama House Votes Strongly To Pass Bill Banning Almost All Abortions


A bill in Alabama which seeks to ban nearly all abortions in the state passed the Alabama House of Representatives Tuesday with only three lawmakers voting against the measure.

If passed, the bill would would criminalize abortions in all cases unless the health of the pregnant person was in danger and make it a Class C felony for a doctor to perform the procedure, according to

The bill also does not include any exceptions for cases where rape or incest caused the pregnancy. The measure passed by a vote of 74-3.

The news outlet also reported that the American Civil Liberties Union chapter of Alabama plans to challenge the bill in court if it becomes law.

“The people of Alabama are paying the bill for unconstitutional legislation and we hope that the Senate members will realize its detrimental impact and stop this bill from becoming law, a statement from the ACLU read. “Otherwise it will be challenged in federal court.”


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