An open letter from the father of Malky Klein A”H


פתח לנו שער בעת נעילת שער…

These are words we will all be reciting בדמעות שליש within a couple of weeks. We will be asking Hashem, moments before נעילת שער to fulfill our תפילות for בני חיי ומזוני. We will NOT be asking Hashem to grant our תפילות because of the זכותים we’ve accumulated and therefore we deserve it, but quite to the contrary, we will be appealing to Hashem as the בעל הרחמים and to his מידת הרחמים, whether we deserve it or not.

We expect results from our תפילות, because we know that this is ‘דרך ה.

Moreover, starting with the first day of סליחות we will be reciting the י”ג מידות הרחמים again, again and again, all throughout the next 18 days until תפילת נעילה on יום כיפור never mentioning our זכותים. At the most we will mention the זכותים from our אבות.

We expect results from our תפילות, because we know that this is ‘דרך ה.

Furthermore, we feel that just in case these תפילות won’t get us to the finish line, we take it a step further by pointing out to Hashem an exact roadmap to follow. By reciting things such as כרחם אב על בנים כן תרחם ה’ עלינו, we seem to be asking Hashem to invoke a מדה כנגד מדה within the מידת הרחמים when judging and granting our תפילות. We tell Hashem ישראל רחמנים בני רחמנים, please follow in our footsteps at least on this point. And although most of our behaviors might not be enough to merit that our תפילות should be accepted, at least this singular מידת הרחמים which we do indeed practice, should be what puts us over the top.

We expect results from our תפילות, because we know that this is ‘דרך ה.

Through our תפילות we seem to be suggesting a core bi-lateral מדה כנגד מדה deal with the רבוש”ע, based on both, Hashem and the כלל ישראל exercising מידת הרחמים, sort of an echo-chamber of מידת הרחמים. And based on this deal we expect results from our תפילות.

Are we sure we are asking for the right thing?
Dear Community, as of today, there are quite a few girls that are getting the feeling that not only has נעילת שער arrived unexpectedly early, but that even שערי דמעות which never closes, yet for them is ננעלו. Beautiful Ehrliche Yidishe Highschool age girls, from Heimishe Families sitting at home, WITHOUT a school to go to, crying bitter tears בדמעות שליש. Their only CRIME is that Hashem has not gifted them with top scholastic abilities. After knocking on door after door, school after school, begging and pleading, crying and promising, they find the same response everywhere “only top scholastic applicants need apply”

How will one not be embarrassed to face Hashem with our תפילות, let alone request and expect positive מדה כנגד מדה results, when asking Hashem for meritless רחמים, while demanding merit without רחמים from our brethren?

A Decision needs to be made! Be careful what you wish for!!!
With the absence of the אנשי כנסת הגדולה, deciding to change our נוסח התפילה so that it better fits our behavior is NOT AN OPTION, as we lack the authority to do so. This leaves us with only one option, CHANGING OUR BEHAVIOR to one of true meritless רחמים. This will allow for our תפילות for רחמים, מדה כנגד מדה to not backfire.

Every minute of every hour of every day, which these Yidishe Children are home and not in school and they feel rejected and dejected, there is an emotional piece in them that is dying, bit by bit. Collectively, let’s not allow for these kids to ultimately end up on the unfortunate list of statistics.

The Torah warns us ומבשרך לא תתעלם, Don’t turn a blind eye.
Yes, there are Askanim, Tzadikim working very hard on solutions. But that does not absolve each one of us to pitch in and do their part. If nothing else, make noise about this terrible situation, send this message further to as many people as possible, so people know and talk about it. If you know school faculty, ask them about it. If they tell you they accepted some kids without schools, ask them why they didn’t specifically ask for and accept some of the weakest kids first, knowing those will likely have the most difficult time to find a place, and therefore require the most רחמים.

If we all do something, anything, at least we will be able to say ידינו לא שפכו את הדם הזה.

This is A public service announcement לע”נ all the נשמת of previously rejected children, currently on the list of statistics.

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  1. Thank you Mr. Klein for your words. As a parent going through this situation, it gives me chizzuk to read this and know that people care. It hurts to see that your child is suffering and to not be able to help is the worst feeling in the world. We ask Hashem to have rachmanus on us like a father has rachmanus on His children. Please, let us all have a little more compassion for each other, and for all the children amd their parents, siblings, and families who are going through this. If you know someone, call and offer to help if you can.

    • It’s unbelievable that this kind of things happen between am Yisroel, I wonder what the ribono shel olam things about the rejection of our own children! It’s just not what our Torah teaches us. It’s very sad . Every school is trying hard in taking only the top students and the not so good ones are not good in of , no one cares about them and no one believes on them. I wonder what message are we passing to our generation. In one hand we teach them since they’re very little to love, to help to accept and to include Each other and in the other hand we principals and adults reject, and don’t care about the kids and teens that are not almost perfect. And no one seems to care. Hashem yerachem!

  2. The Ir Hatorah is so focused on “Torah” that they left no room for Hashem to reside. Instead of “Torah” let’s go back to the basics and become the city of Hashem.


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