Apple rolling out new version of Maps


Apple Inc. has released an updated and completely redesigned version of their navigation system Apple Maps.

The move is being seen as a direct attempt to compete with Google over their monopoly on navigation with their iconic Google Maps as well as the Waze app that Google acquired back in 2013.

As part of the over 1 billion dollar redesign, Apple added a few features already offered by Google Maps: You can save locations quickly under favorite and use interactive street view, which Apple dubbed “look around.” Street-level images are currently available for places like New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Oahu, Houston and Los Angeles, and will eventually include other locations as well.

Apple also highlighted Maps’ privacy features, including keeping some user data processed on the device, rather than connecting to the cloud. The company said that data collected by Maps is randomized and the app does not keep a history of where a user has been.



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