Ateres Tzipora Parents open temporary school, Here’s how to join


In yesterday’s letter to GreaterLakewood, a parent wrote, “The new school, Bais Yaakov of Ocean County looks like it will open at some point. However, at this time it is no more than a pipe dream. The much-hyped administrator removed himself from the situation. There is currently no administrator, no menaheles, no building, and no timeline.”

As such, Parents took it upon themselves to form a school for the children. Parents, along with movers, brought desks, books, and seforim earlier this morning, to get things started.

Three parents are currently running the school which will be named ‘Bais Yaakov Ahavas Yisroel’ and all parents are invited to join.

To join – Click HERE

Parents tell GL that Bais Yaakov Of Ocean County will hopefully work out ‘soon’ even though Rabbi Rosenbaum backed out, but for now the children have a school to go to.


  1. I hope this amazing effort succeeds and I wish you all much Hatzlocha! As the saying goes, Hashem helps those who help themselves!

  2. כל הכבוד להעסקן הנמרץ הרב ר’ לוי יצחק גרוס שליט”א העוסק ימים כלילות למען האחדות בעיר התורה לעקוויט וממנו יראו וכן יעשו כולם כמו
    שיאמרו בקרוב ויהו בישורין מלך בהתאסף ראשי עם יחד שבטי ישראל


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