Ateres Tziporah: Where We REALLY Stand, The REAL story


Between 142-144 Ateres Tziporah girls have no school as of yet.

Over the past few weeks, there were reports of askanim helping place children in schools, but unfortunately, no progress has been made.

Roughly 30 girls were accepted in other schools, but they were generally the ‘well connected’ families.

The building Ateres Tziporah was using, is now being rented to a Boys Talmud Torah.

There was absolutely no communication.

In fact, a month ago, GreaterLakewood reported ‘Fake news’ the letter is fake, and explained the July 27th letter sent to parents by Mr. X was sent without anyone’s consent…

GL confirmed, members of the Lakewood VAAD, as well as a few Ateres Tziporah parents, held a meeting this week with a person, who resides in Borough park, who expressed ‘serious interest’ in restarting the school. It is yet to be seen if this individual pulls through, and if he does, it is not clear how quickly a school can restart.

Roughly 18 teachers are needed, but it appears most of Ateres Tziporah’s teachers have not yet secured jobs and are available. Sources tell GL, the teachers will ‘absolutely rally around’ Mrs. Insel.

The Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva were contacted regarding signing a letter requesting girl schools remain closed until all girls are placed in a school, but they felt at this time, schools should begin.

In the meantime, Ateres Tziporah parents were following false leads to ‘keep waiting, things will work out.’

Last night Parents started discussing coming down to people’s houses demanding something be done for their daughters. Additionally, School owners, who are maxed out with 30 kids in a class, were pressured not to open until all girls are placed in a school.

So, at the request of members of the Lakewood VAAD, a media outlet reported announcement will be made – reassuring parents that ‘a plan is in place.’ However, that is absolutely false. There is no plan. There are hopes, as explained above.

It is important to note, schools are ‘maxed out’ with some classes having 30 kids.

GreaterLakewood spoke with a parent who said ‘I spoke with the VAAD, they told me there is no concrete plan yet.’ Another parent said, ‘This morning people came over to me and said ‘Chasdei Hashem, your daughter has a school, this is exactly what they wanted with the report. Make people think everyone has a school, and to forget about us.’

It is everyone’s hope and prayer that a solution is found quickly and these 140+ girls have a school – just like everyone else.

What can we do?

If we know an Ateres Tzipora family or child, reach out if you can help. Perhaps you can offer advice, perhaps you know the head of a school, perhaps you can just be supportive.

The Gemorah in Baba Basra (Daf Tes) says, speaking and giving chizuk to a poor person is greater than actually giving him money. Support really matters!

ואמר רבי יצחק כל הנותן פרוטה לעני מתברך בשש ברכות והמפייסו בדברים מתברך בי”א ברכות

The Yerushalmi uses a mashal to explain the Mitzvah of ahavas Yisrael. If a person were to cut a piece of meat with a knife and by mistake cut his hand, would one hit the other to reprimand it? So too, in ahavas Yisrael, each Jew must view the other as part of the same body.


  1. Ben Torah this is what’s true. My daughter is home without a school. She’s crying her eyes out to me multiple times daily. She did nothing wrong. Her school closed .

    Based on the report this morning I told her that she will have a school by Monday. Her face lit up like a light bulb that I’ve since been forced to extinguish.

    We’ve been stonewalled and rejected from about 5 schools. There is no end in sight. No reassuring words from anyone. There seems to be no plan in place. Everyone has a source, and it’s all conflicting information.


  2. Simple
    everyday everyone for AT come “visit” another “frum” girls school
    until the issue is resolved
    HA HA HA


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