AUDIO: Harold Herskowitz talks out on RUOC & Anti-Semitism ‘I want to shut it down’


Following GL’s report that Harold Herskowitz will be running for Lakewood Township Committee this June, many people commented on the story.

Some people felt Harold should denounce Rise Up Ocean County, while others say he shouldn’t denounce it more than anyone else. Some even allege Harold is behind it!

In an effort to clear the record and his name, Harold sent GreaterLakewood the following voice note.


  1. Rich-RUOC another Person thinks your a Slimeball!! Harold you got my vote !!

    Rich cant wait until you get indicted!! That Jail Cell is waiting for you again!!

  2. Harold is no ally of RUOC or the scumbags that run the page, namely Richard Ciullo, Trisha Stevens Katz, Dina Carr Vargo, Mindy Murray Moich and Jennifer Cusanelli. Anyone accusing Harold of allying with these known anti semites, is simply feeding into the division that RUOC hopes to increase within the community. Direct your anger at RUOC and the Lakewood leadership that keeps providing them material.


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