‘Revolution 2.0’ Harold Herskowitz to run for Lakewood Township Committee, details plans to GL


Harold Herskowitz has announced he is running for Lakewood Township Committee. The Primary is set to take place in June.

Speaking with GL, Herskowitz said, “After 10 years of sitting back and watching so many of the things I discussed and warned about when I ran against Bob Singer come true, I have decided to run again.”

Adding, “Many different people have run unsuccessfully in those years since we caused a revolution that pushed Isaac Akerman into office. I don’t feel comfortable endorsing any candidates that I feel would not work to do what is best for our town, so I have been left with no other choice.”

“I have detailed plans to end the corruption and ineptitude that has left the taxpayers responsible for millions of dollars in debt, ruined our quality of life and given us a bad reputation to our neighbors.”

Concluding, “I will be running with a running mate that also has the same goals we all share. I look forward to making changes only for the better and do not think anything negative needs to be detailed. We all know the problems and now it’s time to deal with them once and for all. Revolution 2.0 has begun.”


    • He has nothing to do with RUOC. He has a whatsapp group where he tweeted videos against corruption and over-development, and RUOC got a hold of them and posted them without his permission

  1. I’ve voted for Harold each time that he’s run. I would only vote for him again if he denounces Rise Up Ocean County as a hate group.

  2. Good Question, Why does he Not denounce this Hate Group run by a criminal Rise Up Ocean County? For corruption he has the guts to stand up which is great!! But all Civilized People must unite against this vile , Nazi , Criminal Richard and Denounce Rise Up Ocean County for what it is!!

    • Why in the world should Hershel denounce this group more than any other hate group? Or more than any other candidate?

      I didn’t see Akerman or Raitzik putting out official denouncements in the most recent election either? So why on earth is this ruoc group even an issue? Unless of course you’re attempting to create a non-existent link so you can unfairly attack him..

      I hope he really runs so that the average un-connected citizen can finally have someone that cares about and considers his needs too.

  3. The establishment is already planting fake comments about his campaign. They must really be scared if they’re already attacking this early. That’s because they know he’s got the popular vote. People are tired of the “same old” and want a candidate that will finally represent their needs. Go for it Herschel. We’re all counting on you!

    • I agree 100%. Trying to tie him to a group he has not ties to. Looks like some people are triggered by someone running to improve the quality of life, I wonder why?

  4. While in the past I was a strong supporter of Hershel, even pushing against the tide at times. However I will not support him this time around until he unequivocally calls out RUOC as a hate group who uses the anti development as a front.
    What they did to AG was horrendous.
    Is kaporos or mikva somehow connected to development?
    Hershel, you either come out publicly against these bigots or you sold your soul to the devil.

    • Exactly, let’s vote against the Vaad so that there will competition and the politicians will begin working for us.

  5. I supported Harold when he ran. Helped him slightly. But his willingness to cover for the anti semits at RUOC means I can not vote for him again.

  6. 1. Does he have a clear platform? Or a general meaningless ‘stop the corruption’?
    2. Does he have a system of campaigning that does not include the internet? He needs his message, not just his name, out there for people who don’t use the internet, which is a huge amount in Lakewood.
    3. Will he clearly state which people will not gain from his candidacy? If he claims to be all things for everybody, we can be sure that he will not be anything for anyone.
    4. Lakewood is fed up of haters. If he has something to say, let him stick to the topics, not the people.

    • It has nothing to do with what he sais. We need a little competition to get any politician – no matter who – to want to help the people.

  7. ” He never covered for anyone who you claim he did for.”
    RUOC has videos and conversations with Harold in which Harold seems to be saying that RUOC is right and not anti Semitic etc. Which he clearly is. RUOC isn’t anti development because it ruined Lakewood. He is anti development because he hates Jews.

  8. Fake news! Hershel will have to prove his worth on every issue if he wins, he will have work to very hard to solve every issue including RUOC if he ever wants to run again. With the Vaad being so comfortable in the governing seats they are not willing to work that hard.


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