Behind The Counter With Betzalel Brezner – “Driven”


Alight let’s get straight to it.

GL: Tell us about your company.
Driven: At driven, we repair suspension parts, brakes, stereos and more. We pride ourselves in service, honesty, and transparency.

GL: They say honesty is integral when selecting a mechanic. Do you agree with that? Driven: 100%. Not only is honesty integral but a customer needs to be comfortable knowing that they can express their opinion, speak with us and be treated fairly.

When an average person comes in with an issue, technically any mechanic can make things up and the poor customer would stand there like “wow, ok.” At driven, we give you the time of day. We understand that people want to get back in their cars, and don’t want to spend endless amounts of time finishing the daf at the mechanic. We provide quotes, and the exact day and time the job will be completed.

GL: Have customers ever shared a ‘mechanic horror story’?

Driven: Customers shared horror stories where they went in for one thing and were billed for others…

Last week a customer said his car was making noise at 40 MPH, he ended up paying for four new tires – due to the mechanic not hearing him out and giving him the time of day. These things don’t happen with us.

GL: How did you get into repairing automobiles.

Driven:  What got me into it was the following incident.

I had a Volvo with a busted stereo. I went to a local place to repair it, but they said ‘it can’t be done’ with no other option, I researched it my own, and fixed it. This was an eye-opener for me. I realized that many shops aren’t driven and won’t expand their ‘comfort zone.’

GL: How quickly can you repair cars?

Driven: About 90% of my jobs are same-day service. We schedule our jobs and follow our schedule.

GL: At what point did you realize this can actually be a business?

Driven: Here’s an interesting answer. I was repairing my own brakes since the local mechanics were so pricey. I was telling a friend I repaired my brakes and explained how much money I saved by doing it myself. So my friend said ‘I want to see that sign up next week’. So next week a sign was up and now 500 brakes and thousands of hours of experience later – we laugh about it!

GL: What’s the best part if the job?
Driven: Watching customers thank Hashem they found us! Right now we are able to provide services at about 25% lower than anyone and our service is second to none.

GL: Any advice to others going into this profession?
Driven: Go the extra mile. Last year I was repairing brakes and I noticed the car trunk release cable wasn’t properly attached. Being that it was no skin off my back, I quickly fixed it without even telling him.
He noticed it and now a year later he said ‘I keep telling people about you, and the chessed you did.”

GL: Anything you want to add?
Driven: Tax is included. We live in America and there is tax. So please don’t say ‘wow there’s tax?!…’

Call or text 732-800-2332 TO HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED.



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