Bolton SLAMS UN blacklist of companies that work in West Bank ‘We must condemn all efforts to isolate Israel’

National Security Adviser John Bolton (AP Photo)

As reported previously on GL the UN promoted an Islamic-commissioned report against Israel in the West Bank releasing a blacklist of companies who are based in the Yehuda & Shomron.

John Bolton slammed the decision tweeting:

“The UN’s release of a ‘blacklist’ with companies that do business in West Bank is outrageous. It’s a huge surrender to the anti-Israel boycott movement and fuels anti-Semitism inside the UN. We must condemn all efforts to isolate Israel.”

Yesterday, Nikki Haley was forceful as well saying “The UN hit a new low today publishing its Antisemitic blacklist of companies it claims are involved in Israeli “settlement activity.” The timing of this after the U.S. released a peace plan is conniving & manipulative at best. Shameful.”


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