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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Watch: Israelis gather at the Kosel to pray against coronavirus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmmIo8TWet8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5jfxv18X94

KNIFE BROKE! Attempted stabbing at the Me’aras Hamachpela

A terrorist attempted to stab a policeman at the Me'aras Hamachpela, today. During the inspection, the terrorist put on his jacket which had a knife inside. https://twitter.com/Behind__News/status/1229409453356802055?s=20

Watch: Billions of locusts are descending on Ethiopia


Mazel Tov: Gilad Shalit is engaged

Gilad Shalit just announced his engagement to Nitzan Shabbat. After five long years under Hamas captivity, Shalit was fortunate to be freed in a massive controversial prisoner swap...

Bolton SLAMS UN blacklist of companies that work in West Bank ‘We must condemn...

As reported previously on GL the UN promoted an Islamic-commissioned report against Israel in the West Bank releasing a blacklist of companies who are based in the Yehuda & Shomron.

WATCH: U.N. promotes Islamic-commissioned report against Israel in the West Bank


Watch: Netanyahu sings Shabechi


North Korea KILLS coronavirus patient after he breached quarantine order

A North Korean official has reportedly been executed after breaching the country's strict rules surrounding coronavirus. He then ordered them into quarantine. But according to Korean news outlet Wikitree...

SEE IT: Israeli laser system destroys drones with “100% success rate”

An Israeli-developed drone defense system successfully intercepted multiple targets and shot them down with a laser beam, aerospace company Rafael said Wednesday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVNtz8gLhaY “The...

TRUE COLORS: Abbas’s party sends out antisemitic tweet while talking “peace”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah Party tweeted a horrific cartoon comparing Jews to Nazis. Incredibly Abbas preaches about peace at the UN while being a blatant hater.

BUSTED: Elite unit arrest Palestinian who threw firebomb at IDF soldier

A top Israeli unit named Duvdevan arrested the Palestinian who threw this firebomb at an Israeli soldier in Chevron. Miraculously the soldier was not injured, thanks in part to...

RECORD: BA flight from London to NYC takes record 4 hours & 56 minutes

The Boeing 747 reached speeds of 825mph thanks to a mega-storm that hit the UK. The previous record was five hours 13 minutes held by Norwegian Airways.

Coronavirus MAY have landed in Israel

JNB confirms an Israeli walked into a Meuchedet clinic in the Gilo section of Yerushalayim with ‘Coronavirus symptoms’. After an initial examination, the entire clinic was placed on...

Taliban kills 6 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

United States and Afghan troops came under fire during an operation in Eastern Afghanistan. Sources say as many as 6 U.S. soldiers, as well as 6 Afghan soldiers, were...

RESILIENCE: Golani soldiers in crutches at their swearing-in ceremony – HOURS after ramming attack

Only a few hours before these pictures were taken, these young soldiers were injured in a terror ramming attack in Yerushalayim.

MORE TERROR IN YERUSHALAYIM: Shooting at “lion gate” in Yerushalayim – Video

Yesterday there was a car-ramming incident in Yerushalayim injuring 12, today there were multiple shooting attacks across Israel including one at the Old city - near "lion gate." The...

TERROR IN YERUSHALAYIM: Ramming attack in Yerushalayim injures 12

At least 12 people were wounded in the car-ramming incident in Yerushalayim. 1 victim is in serious condition. The incident occurred near the old train station.

HAMAS LIES: Hamas claims Israeli airstrikes on Gaza last year injured Israeli captives

Hamas Spokesman claimed Israeli airstrikes last year - after Hamas fired well over 700 rockets, "injured" Israeli's there. There are currently 2 bodies held by Hamas, Hadar Goldin, and Oron Shaul, both...

When the arcades become real: Nine dead in shooting attack

Nine people have been killed and 2 others injured when gunmen opened fire in a video game arcade in Mexican city of Uruapan yesterday. The four gunmen were apparently searching for...

Man manipulates Google Maps with a cart and 99 smartphones

A self proclaimed artist pulled off a stunt on the streets of Berlin. Simon Weckert used almost 100 smartphones to simulate a traffic jam by pulling them through the...