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TONIGHT: 9:35 Shiur From Harav Aaron Lopiansky In Coventry

Harav Aaron Lopiansky, Rosh Yeshiva Tiferes Gedalia in Eretz Yisroel and a Mechaber Sefarim, will deliver a Shiur in the Coventry Bais...

OPINION: Give Kids Space – Keep Cameras Away From Graves

I saw this on a LinkedIn page and felt the exact same as the writer. Recently a frum website...

When people rip down signs, Just bring in trucks!

An event for R' Chaim Kanievski's sons mosdos is set to take place tonight. Some 'anti-giyus' people who are...


As the Lakewood community reels from shock at this weeks tragedy, I am shocked, and quite frankly appalled, at how local outlets...

Yom Tov Fire Safety Tips From The Lakewood Fire Dept

Yom Tov Fire Safety The Lakewood Board of Fire Commissioners in conjunction with Fire Chief Mike D’Elia...

Chol Hamoed Halacha Guide


Tel Aviv startup makes ‘lice comb’ to kill lice in 10 minutes

Tel Aviv-based Parasonic Ltd. is an anti-head lice device company with a penchant for puns. Its ultrasound device, the company claims, kills...