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Parshas Ki Seitzei – See the world around you

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld To the untrained eye this פרשה can look like a very random mixture of short commandments. There are numerous small sections of text that seem to have...

Parshas Shoftim – The secret of the Beheaded Calf

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld The Torah is full of laws, but the Torah is not a law book. The Torah is full of history, but the Torah is not...

The Shmuz – Parshas Shoftim

And Aharon and all of Bnei Yisrael saw Moshe, his face illuminated, and they feared approaching him.” — Shemos 34:30 With the entire Nation gathered at the foot of Har Sinai, Moshe Rabbeinu went...

Parshas Re’eh – How restrictive structure is the most liberating part of our lives

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld Most pieces of music and poetry have refrains, a line or word that gets repeated throughout the song. This will usually become the title...

The Shmuz Parshas Re’eh, Rosh Hashana- Issues of the Day

Rebbe Avahu taught: The malachim asked HASHEM, “Why is it that the Jewish nation doesn’t sing Hallel on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?” HASHEM answered them, “Is it possible that a king...

AUDIO: Rav Elya Brudny on the recent Tragedies

Following 5 different drowning incidents in the past two weeks, one of the Manhigei Hador – R’ Elya Brudny told camps that asked – not to go on water trips.

Parshas Eikev: Why is food so important in Judaism?

BY: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld Food is important. Nobody will argue with that. Which is why you can sum up many central Jewish holidays with food. They tried to destroy...

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Parshas Eikev – R’ Avigdor Miller

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Watch: The Shmuz Parshas V’aeschanan


Parshas Va’eschanan – The gift of being human

BY: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld Moshe gives over the עשרת הדברות this week as part of his farewell speech, and although they only take up a few פסוקים, I think the entire פרשהis riddled...

Parshas Devarim – The fundamental split between the first 2 generations of the Jews

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld This week’s פרשה can be split nearly perfectly down the middle. In length and in theme there is a beautiful halfway point in the פרשה. Moshe begins by...

Parshas Matos – Closing the gap in the family

By: Rabbi Shlomo Rosenfeld This week's divrei Torah are all about closing the gaps in the Jewish nation. Its appropriate of course that this be the theme since we...

Watch: Matos-Two Elements to a Sin-shmuz


Duties of the Heart lesson 1 parshas Pinchas