OPINION: Chemed accused of using fear-mongering tactics which may have caused the measles ‘outbreak’ to grow


The following first appeared on the Children’s health defense organization website yesterday.

On November 14, thousands congregated at the National Mall in Washington DC the V.I.E. (Vaccine Injury Epidemic) Event, calling on legislators to hear us out. But was anyone listening?

Apparently not in New Jersey.

In a letter dated November 14 th , Senator Bob Menendez sent a letter to
Mark Zuckerberg lamenting that New Jersey’s measles outbreak last winter,
“has been fueled, in part, by misinformation about vaccine safety spread via
Facebook ads”.

I live in Lakewood, where most of the NJ measles cases occurred. Early last
winter, there were 30 documented cases of measles in Ocean County. Everyone recovered without incident and no serious complications were reported, but the Lakewood “outbreak” made national news and was used to amplify fears over what is a generally benign virus and create panic both within the community and throughout the state. Additionally, the outbreak was used to promote a sneaky legislative amendment that seeks to abolish religious exemptions in New Jersey. As winter approaches this year, it’s worth reviewing the facts on the ground.

The fear-mongering tactics prompted enough skepticism for some community members to pursue Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 2 requests from various health and government agencies, and they yielded some interesting information. Since 2008, CHEMED, an Ocean County health clinic has received more than $2 million from the State of New Jersey to increase vaccine uptake. Substantial efforts were directed towards promoting vaccine compliance in the non-public school population, but despite these efforts, religious exemption rates in this cohort more than doubled from
2.4% to 5.2% within the span of just a few years. Obviously, this did not bode well for the clinic’s future funding and public relations campaign. But rather than revisiting the concerns of those seeking exemptions, many officials dismissed these people as reckless, ignorant and in need of an education.

Examining this “outbreak” more closely, 23 of 30 cases occurred in just four families. Of the remaining seven cases, six were among vaccinated
individuals, including the “index case”, the first person to come down with
the disease in Lakewood. The only other clear-cut case of measles was in a
six-month-old infant, too young to be vaccinated, who caught the disease
directly from the index case and recovered uneventfully.

An additional 46 reported cases were either determined to be vaccine strains or failed to meet clinical criteria for measles. Many of these cases occurred days after vaccination, leading to the uncomfortable reality that the vaccine itself was causing measles. To the health department’s credit, unlike the Disneyland outbreak, these 46 cases were not added to the total tally of the measles outbreak.

Recognizing that people may be concerned by the vaccine’s apparent
ineffectiveness or even disease-causing properties, the health department
reassured people with the unsupported claim that if they were vaccinated
and contracted measles, it would be “less severe illness”.

In reality, the measles outbreak in Lakewood is a story at least as much about vaccine failure as it is about the failure to vaccinate. The index case was a vaccinated individual. In addition, many cases of those with “measles-
like symptoms” implicated the vaccine itself.

In Lakewood, as elsewhere, many parents have stopped vaccinating because
they have observed devastating vaccine injuries in their own families. New
Jersey leads the nation in autism, and with an estimate of over 4,000 cases
of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Ocean County may have the highest rate in New Jersey. The Orthodox Jewish community where the outbreak has occurred is a very close-knit community. After witnessing a child’s
regression into autism, or the development of another neurological or autoimmune condition that occurred in close proximity to the administration of a vaccination, they share their stories with friends and family. In Lakewood, “vaccine hesitancy” is based on reality, not rhetoric.
People are concerned for the health of their children.

Ocean County health authorities have not sought to understand these concerns. By not following evidence-based practices they spread the measles, hurt families, scarred children and created the illusion that those who question vaccines are disease-ridden. It is time to expand the conversation regarding vaccines beyond the initiatives that seek to vaccinate every person without consideration for individual needs and beliefs. We need to work toward a framework that listens to the concerns of families as we work to preserve and improve the health of our children.

The author of this article told GL, one physician unabashedly said: “it isn’t about measles, it’s just now is the time to do it”. Another doctor said outright this is a great opportunity to “hit” the anti-vaxxers…

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  1. BSD
    In my recent emotional conversation with my beloved Creator during mincha – I had to hand over layers & layers of pain that has been collecting since it first truly dawned on me that our “Jewish” pediatricians we’re groomed to destroy the generation, including their own families.

    Anyone who has any sense of history should have been able to connect the dots between vaccines and the growing epidemic of disastrous health, function, & the new “norm” of parents burying children.

    Perhaps the chinuch of past centuries didn’t include learning about the function of the microbiome & how crucial it is to eat green leafy vegetables & to detox – but they didn’t have to because we lived the naturally miraculous life vs the cheMiracle highly regarded lifestyle in which we are doused with cancer promoting chemicals from before birth.

    So, our schools, parents, & religious leadership have been witnessing more & more destruction in the communities & more & more hoopla from “chessed” organizations headed by the same doctors & businessmen preying off the poor health of the community. We have the greatest amount of therapists in the religious Jewish communities who are still paying off their huge school loans for the education that offers them cozy jobs “helping” our HUGE vaccine-injured demographic.

    So – our schools have been great at what for all that tuition they get? Teaching kids to look outside themselves for fulfillment. They don’t know what health is nor how to value it!

    The quote from the philosopher Voltaire that Forrest Maready quotes: those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities – is SO true! A young mother who knew to question vaccines, couldn’t be bothered to find babysitting arrangements with people who didn’t demand the children be vaccinated – so she did. She told me, “so what” – he’ll get “therapy” as if it’s just a simple learning issue that she may have to deal with.

    “Rabbis” who don’t research vaccines – telling mothers what to inject into their precious babies because doctors who $upport them say so??? How did doctors become such deities??? Rav Moshe Feinstein ztl warns about blind trusting doctors & calls it avodah zara – (you can look it up yourself), yet his son has been telling parents to just “follow orders”. I see how these families who listened to him, calling it “Emunah chachamim” – struggling with vaccine induced brain & behavior “issues”…sorry folks – that is NOT “Emunas chachamim”. It might seem like too subtle for some to understand, but the difference is night & day…your health & well being cannot be blind trusted to ANYONE BUT HASHEM – THAT is Bitachon. Man-made filthy vaccines are DOCUMENTED to cause LIFE-ALTERING adverse effects including DEATH! We SEE this happening…so why oh why are SO msny people in the dark???

    Anyway – I wanted to know from Hashem – what can I do to help people accept the truth, do teshuvah, & heal…I decided to stay b’simcha while continuing to educate people – even when I get flak for telling people to question vaccines. After all, “flak” in this world when standing strong for the emes is priceless on the next!

    • The new norm of parents burying there children? Please read any history book, In 1900 17 out of 100 children did not make it to there 1st birthday. They died from Measles, and many of the illness that people vaccine for. Now the rate is 7 out of 1000 most of the babies that don’t make it are born sick.

      • BSD
        They say the “devil’s in the details”. Well, the truth is also determined by examining EVERY subtle detail INCLUDING the morality, integrity, n’geeos, & knowledge of the person who was granted the Divine knowledge to analyze exactly what someone died from!

        Did it ever occur to anyone that the body is quite intricate, never mind the more esoteric dimensions of the human being – so someone who is given orders to declare a person died from measles rather than scurvy, rickets, or some other nutrient deficiency condition or damage due to vaccine toxins & carcinogenic animal viruses – may ONLY “find” measles as THE cause of death.

        It’s quite an embarrassment to speak to mechanchos & rabbanim who are clueless to the understanding of how a child develops through the Divine gifts of acute childhood illnesses like measles, chickenpox, etc. the Chovos haLevovos speaks about this phenomenal chessed & is called by the peirush Tov haLevonon – “mach’laot hechrechiyim” – NECESSARY illnesses! Dovid haMelech was spot-on when he asked Hashem for yesurim that come directly from Him – “u’byad Adam al epole” – dont allow me to fall into man-made yesurim.

        If YOU believe that man-made filth-filled vaccines trump Hashem’s Divinely designed childhood developmental illnesses…study tehillim 92- praising Hashem’s handiwork that is so deeply intricate – but a boor & fool cannot grasp this truth!

        For those not on mind-altering pHARMaceuticals – let’s get this straight – ANYONE who can get their hands on a list of the DECLARED vaccine ingredients & list of adverse reactions – who values optimal health & longevity – sits down to look up each ingredient to assess whether ingesting this ingredient will promote health or not – then understanding that injecting is FAR more dangerous – will NEVER allow a vaccine ANYWHERE near a loved one, & certainly not a fetus or newborn!

        Voltaire, again: those who can make you believe in absurdities can make you commit atrocities…it doesn’t make it any less barbaric or diabolical just because “everyone” is doing it OR because your “rabbi” said.

  2. This entire episode has been very divisive and left many people in the middle feeling that something didn’t seem quite right. After all, why was this not an issue for the past 20 years? Suddenly the “majority” of doctors are recommending kicking kids out of school.

    This is an eye-opening report. I congratulate you for being willing to publish it against what apparently is pressure from big-money interests; even from within our community.

  3. the real question ? is why as a community did we let the anti vax misfits grow into a voice instead of nipping meshugasen in the bud. lesson to be learned is veiled narcissism is not harmless and if you hear it again and again some nechsholim will start believing it leaving their innocent kids tinokos shenishbeu
    a bit sharp but the emes grows when you “bagrub” sheker

    • I’m not sorry that you’ll be losing your vaccine enriched parnassah when the truth will soon be embraced by all.

      Your comment is so obviously derived from profiting off of vaccines – anyone with a smidgen of seichel could tell.

    • kol ha’poseil b’mumo poseil……you continue in the tradition of those who fear the emes – attack rather than discuss….you do know the emes, that’s why – as do ALL the parents who fear that they’re responsible for believing the open lies that vaccines will “SAVE” your children and cruelly harming themselves and their children. The only thing vaccines prevent is: vibrant long and healthy lives. You ARE responsible – so BE mature! Admit! Do Teshuvah!

  4. Thank you for the courage for opening the cover to this whole movement and revealing what is really cooking. Anyone with a bit of common sense, knows it is all about $$$$$.
    What really is awful is that many pediatricians are pushing the Gardisil vaccine on kids ages 9+ because the AAP recommends it. When I flat out refused it for my teenage sons, the doctor got terribly flustered. I didn’t have the chutzpah to ask him, how much money did he just lose by me refusing to inject one of the most dangerous, least studied, and disabling vaccine there is out there. For a “chance” that maybe a tiny percentage of our insulated community would be included in the societal group it is being touted for, they are willing to cause high risk of documented injuries, long term infertility, and even death for the benefit of $$. Google Gardisil injury and see why Merck is pushing it., the high percentage of injuries, death etc.
    Parents.. If a vaccine isn’t mandatory, use your brains and research before risking serious injury to a child.

    • Sure, when I can finally go to sleep knowing that parents are beginning to think critically and staying away from doctors who profit off of sickness & are disgustingly ignorant about health & true healing. Being “nossei b’ol im Chaveiro” demands that we CARE & DO something to stop the crime & hold rabbis & doctors accountable for the devastation to this generation in so many ways…after THAT, sure! Wouldn’t I MOST like to “go on with life”!

  5. And they’re back again. After a break of a few months, they have returned to their contradictions and nonsense.
    This article should be a drinking game, how many contradictions can you find in it?

    The sneaky headline is part of the propaganda. Yes, Chemed was paid to promote health in the community, what a surprise!! That is their job, that is why the federal government subsidizes it. Nobody expected differently.
    If you disagree with the conclusions of the federal health agencies, that is not a nefarious idea of theirs. Show your medical degrees and qualifications, and then show your research and see what the experts say. The laymen amongst us cannot decide on our own, because we do not have a medical background.

    • And show us your optimally healthy & functioning vaccinated children who are socially healthy & not on any pharmaceuticals. Are you willing to put them through a battery of tests for inflammation, immunosupression, metobolic issues, psychological, & emotional issues?

      I HAVE that study already done in my own family, as do countless other parents who were not lunatic enough to damage ALL their children with vaccines after learning from their mistakes. I educate women to protect their families by only using moral doctors who “first do no pHARM”!!! (Obviously NOT those who work for Chemed).

      Go ahead – it’s time to prove how vaccines are giving your families such amazing optimal health.

      DO THE STUDY!!!!!

  6. It would be nice if the person who wrote this propaganda piece would site some sources. the NJ Department of Health has a different set of facts.

    Also, interesting to note. Alabama, a state with one of the highest vaccination rates, has the lowest autism rate in the country. the reason why autism rates in the U.S. has been rising is because of increased diagnosis, and the inclusion of an autism “spectrum”

  7. I’m a big fan of Greater Lakewood!
    Fake News!
    But lately, you’ve been putting on a lot of opinions for click bait!
    Show me the facts please!

  8. What I am failing to understand is how those unvaccinated children posed no threat to anyone until 2018? In my high school class we had 5 out of 30 unvaccinated and this was never an issue. What changed? Are those unvaccinated suddenly walking around with 72 diseases?

  9. Reply to Derech reshaim y’Aveis:

    If u Want to know what u can do start by not writing such kefira, who do u think you are to write such disgusting words about dass Torah, do you know even a fraction of the Torah that these gedolim have, if u can’t trust a posek about this then how do u ask them any halacha question, do u do your own research to see if he answered wrong? A rav is given a certain sayata dishmaya , and maybe he did do his research, just because he came out different then you on the subject that makes him pasul? If the anti vax community cared so much about the world and wanted to make it a better place then they should start by listening to people who are on a much higher level then us bored people sitting and responding to stupid comments. And by the way I’m appalled at the chutzpah you have to talk about R’ Dovid Feinstein like that, you think because you did a few hours of silly research on google you know better the one of the undisputed poskai hador? (The chazon ish was able to perform a heart surgery, i don’t think he ever went to medical school or spent hours on google researching heart surgery, but how did he know how to? Because there is another place to Do research, in the Torah which you clearly do not believe in) if I were you instead of being so worried about the illnesses that come from vaccines I would be more worried about the illnesses that come about from people who have such a lack of respect for dass Torah and talk about gedolim the way did.

    But then, I’m sure with all your google research you did you know better then R’ Dovid and all the countless other poskim and gedolim who did the real research, in The torah!!!

    • Once again people fail to recognize that MANY Gedolim are of the opinion that a parent has the right to choose for their children. The idea that someone unvaccinated is somehow some sort of walking disease machine is preposterous and that is the REAL conspiracy theory the media wants you to believe. Like global warming… oh global warming didn’t work.. now it’s climate change. Or the Russia collusion… oh that didn’t work. Now it’s Ukraine quid pro quo… oh that didn’t work. Now it’s Ukraine bribery and extortion. Look here and see many many gedolim and many not listed here feel very strongly that every parent has their freedom of choice. https://greaterlakewood.com/gl-exclusive-anti-vaxxers-responses-part-2/

    • The Chazon Ish was asked about the polio vaccine. He told people “shev v’al taaseh, adif”. You can believe it or not – but as you put out there that the Chazon Ish did, in fact, understand biology from the Torah – it was clear as day that health cannot be injected, only diseases can be injected.

      For more on the polio vaccine fiasco in Israel – please read the book by Shalva’s founder Kalman Samuels – dreams I never thought I’d dream. Shalva was founded for children disabled by vaccines.

      BTW – knowing lots of Torah doesn’t make someone a tzaddik. Eisov probably knew LOTS more Torah than ALL of our gedolim. Many maskilim certainly knew lots more Torah than many great people today. It’s all about integrating mind & heart.

      When SOOO many people are hurting & a “gadol” cannot be “nossei b’ol I’m chaveiro” to really FEEL the pain of countless families suffering from vaccine injury & then do a thorough investigation – which would CLEARLY lead him to the same conclusions as ALL maaminim who reject vaccines
      – that “gadlus” MUST be questioned.

      Look through our history – there are many precedents to today’s vaccine idol worship…I guess you would have attended achashveirosh’s party & bowed to Haman…it didn’t make it right because the majority of the Sanhedrin paskened to do so & blamed Mordechai for the gezairah, as well.

      In Achdus, we shall live…with those who seek the emes!

      • You may want to make up a better story. The polio vaccine was not available until 1955 or 1956. When did the Chazon Ish pass away?
        Or did he say something about an experimental vaccine? Which has nothing to do with the case at hand.

        Either way, how many more lies, inconsistencies and contradictions are you going to tell us here? Of course, you will use Hashem’s name the whole time, as though that makes the lies more palatable.

    • In shock:
      Can you please get the torah sources from those rabbanim that are strongly recommending vaccines (I tried and couldn’t get them) that:
      1. It is halachically permitted to inject neuro toxins and chemicals into the blood stream of a yid
      2. Hashem needs help through vaccines to protect the children.
      3. Injecting tumorous cells helps to create perfect health.
      4. A child needs 72 vaccines to be able to live
      5. Illness can be eradicated through a manmade process
      6. It is okay to subject children to harm (which happens to everyone being vaccinated) for the greater good or for stopping a childhood illness.
      7. You are allowed to give vaccines that have no liability and based only on believing the doctors and pharma
      8. Doctors should be trusted as if they are g-d.
      9. There were never mistakes in history pertaining to doctors and drugs
      10. Pharmaceutical companies are protected against fraud.

      When you have sources for all ten question in the torah (only in the torah) I will give ten more…..
      I have a list of more than 100 such questions. I will just break it down in tens to make it easier for you!!!

      • You asked ten questions, none of which are halachic.

        The Poskim have sources that we should trust the doctors that the government have certified. Not as if they were God, but to tell us the medical information. Look in Hilchos Yom Kippur.
        I want your Torah sources for parental autonomy. Spoiler: it doesn’t exist. It is American libertarian ideals, transposed to Judaism through the mouth of talkshow hosts, who somehow are supposed to be trusted. Suddenly we are told libertarianism = Judaism. #Not_my_Torah

        • In Hilchos Yom Kippur (see Mishna Berura 618), it specifically and clearly says that you should follow the MINORITY of doctors in case of Sakana and NOT the majority. Giving vaccines is a Sakana according to a few Gedolim and many doctors and scientists.

          The doctors who say it is not have stated clearly that they are relying on the CDC which has a vaccine board of 15 people (who all have conflicts of interest).

          As R. Akiva Tatz (who is pro-vaccine) says, it is not a halachic question. It is a medical question of the facts. You can choose to blindly believe the mainstream and that is fine.

          Nothing wrong with looking under the hood to evaluate other medical opinions. From what I have seen, no one makes a decision not to vaccinate lightly.

          Everyone should be free to follow the medical advice of the doctor they choose. I can’t really see how you can argue with that.

          If you believe the Herd Immunity propaganda, all you need to realize is that few of the adults are vaccinated (or it wore off) so we are at about 40% vaccinated. Nowhere near the claimed 95% (which is not back by any real data or studies).

          You have permission to think for yourself.

          • In Hilchos Yom Kippur, the distinction is made between a מומחה and a non-מומחה. And the way to detect a מומחה is through government certification. See מטה אפרים for more details.

            “Everyone is free’ is a non-Jewish Western ideal, not a Torah one. You are not free to do what you want or believe in, or what is ‘best for you’. If a person decided to starve themselves, the Torah does not tell us to allow them. If a person decides to do something dangerous, the Torah does not say that it is his body.
            Medicine, like everything else, is decided by those researching it. Those that have a solid background in chemistry, immunology, statistice and epidiemology are those that can offer opinions. NOt bloggers, housewives and Monsey people.

        • What the halachic basis to trust a doctor blindly?
          If you go to a doctor that tells you that you must amputate your leg, will you do so right away? Any person I know and have some brains would go for a second opinion. Somehow with any specialty, we will search, ask questions and nobody will submit themselves to surgery without research.
          Why is it different when it comes to vaccines.

  10. the people that call themselves pro-choice, vaccine-hesitant, etc. have this great big belief that anyone that did any amount of research would definitely never again vaccinate. They cannot fathom a parent doing intense research and coming out with the conclusion that vaccines are the way to go. If you vaccinate, you must not have done any research. If you pediatrician wants you to vaccinate, he must have not studied it at all.
    What Idiocy!!!

    • I am not sure where you get your claim for. The people I know who choose to be “pro choice” believe this is a risk/reward assessment worthy of making and every parent has a right to make that decision. They do not assume that you will come to the same conclusion as they have. And that is the whole point that everyone should have their own right to make a risk/reward assessment.

        • “Quite a few” – sounds like enough people to learn from, if you have enough desire to learn the truth. Perhaps they had that attitude because they did the most simple “research” and that is to acquire a list of ingredients and adverse reactions for each vaccine and compare it with the ACTUAL “risks” of the diseases – as you can get online for measles from the website: PhysiciansForInformedConsent.org. Any mature person who can think should be making the same decision as your “quite a few” acquaintances, UNLESS, you have a death wish, r”l….that is the REAL mageifah!

          • Pro choicers are “real nice” people that is why they kill 1000’s of babes a year. That is why there is 160 million “missing girls”. Pick a diffrent term to call yourself don’t acciate with such people.
            Yes I know I spelled a few words wrong

    • I don’t know about all of them, but pediatricians, like the rest of us, are quite busy with their jobs. It is not their job to do their own research, we have research doctors for that. The terminology and methodology of research is quite difficult for the layman, bordering on impossible. They need training in biology, chemistry, statistics and more. Which is why most of those women, blog commenters and Monsey people who blather about doing their own research are not valid sources. Because they do not know how to read the research they are linking to.

      They also talk about what Hashem wants, with no source to that either. Hashem did not say anything clear about the efficacy of vaccinations, or it dangers. He left that to those who do the work of researching the issues, by going to medical school and working hard at understanding the issues.
      If those women, blog commenters and Monsey people have special insight as to Hashem’s will, they are welcome to announce themselves as Nevii. (Actually, the Gemara in Bava Basra tells us that they have announced themselves as such already).

      And the idea of personal or parental autonomy is not sourced in Torah at all. They are American libertarian ideas. Our Torah does not say that each parent can do or decide as he or she sees fit. Torah is decided by Talmidei Chachomim, medicine is decided by medical experts, Torah’s psak on medicine is decided by Talmidei Chachomim who have listened to the necessary experts. Afterwards those Talmidei Chachomim write teshuvos that other Talmidei Chachomim can critique (or laugh at, as is the case of one ‘sefer’ about alternative medicine that was produced in Lakewood)

      • To all the “einer azas”, “justmes”, “tony tomsons”, “w22s”, “Blimi Marcus’s”, as well as all those “in shock”, etc. – whether you are Jewish or not – whether you make your income any which way through pHARMA or health-ignorant doctors or not – please get a grip! This divisive scenario is a pattern throughout history.

        Even people who smelled the holocaust way before the actual roundups & made plans to leave Europe were denounced & shunned by people like yourselves because they didn’t want to do anything “uncomfortable” like pick up & leave – which is quite tumultuous. My parents & all their descendants are here because my grandparents made those critical-thinking tough decisions whereas many other family members perished in Europe.

        This war – isn’t about measles or chickenpox…it’s about laziness & fear to think critically & accept the truth. You can easily check yourself for biases – if you’d simply ask the hard question, “ what would I lose if I openly rejected vaccines?” It seems VERY s c a r y to ask yourself such a question…probably just as scary as staying in your room when you were little & saw monster-like shadows on your wall…did you run to your parents’ bedroom & perhaps calmed down when they opened the light to prove that it was shadows dancing on the walls & not “real” monsters???

        Maybe it’s time you switched on the light as an adult???

        The vaccine-psychopaths in WHO/UN/GAVI are laughing hysterically at the “religious” Jewish community – falling for Lavan-like shenanigans to destroy as many people as possible.

        Check out the numbers of suffering families who have lost & continue to lose children from all the dozens of diagnoses ALL triggered by vaccines, just as they’re designed to do!

        Just last week or 2 – 2 teenage suicides, that I know of, alone – anyone tracking their vaccines & pHARMa use??? Of course not! Anyone comparing ALL these mental/emotional conditions in nonvaxd communities & reporting the findings on Yeshiva World News or The Lakewood Scoop???? HA!

        Why don’t ALL you self-righteous commenters go demand this long-awaited study that NO
        EX-VAXXING family needs! We’ve ALREADY done this study, tens of thousands of times over in many countries. We KNOW from experience what Vaccinegate proves – vaccines are weapons of mass destruction as they were designed to be.

        They have NEVER & will NEVER enhance ANYONE’s health & well being!

        You may not care to wake up – but those who accept the truth will be celebrating with rest of the vaccine-FREE people around the globe. The criminals ALWAYS get caught sooner than later….Hodu l’Hashem Ki Tov…!!!

        • That word salad is really something. Somehow vaccinating is something like the holocaust??!!
          Suicides are caused by vaccinations??!!

          I am scared that if I become an anti-vaxxer, my brother will suddenly resign from his job, and GreaterLakewood will deny it. It seems to have a connection, no?

    • What do anti-vaxxers have to profit from the investigative information they share about real stories, real studies, real damage, real lives affected by real vaccine damage..? What’s in it for them?

      What does the vaccine industry have to profit? What’s in it for them?

      What if the anti-vaxxers are indeed wrong? Who would they have to answer to?

      What if the vaccine industry are indeed wrong? Who would they have to answer to?

      Of the anti-vaxxers versus the vaccine industry, which of these would have the most to lose?

      Think of these things on a grand scale, a world-wide scale. Forget about the diseases themselves, just for a moment, and just imagine (if you will) that the vaccine industry is indeed causing monumental damage. What if this was truly discovered and revealed to the whole-wide-world?

      I don’t ask these things to be silly about any of this, but I do ask these questions to have people stop and think…

      WHO has the most to lose? Try not to answer with anything to do with diseases themselves…just reflect on it. Just at least try to reflect on these questions.

      If you decide to answer without any name calling…then you’re a critically thinking person…just like the tens of thousands of people worldwide who (even when once pro vaxxers) found out the difficult way…

      None of this is black and white…none of this is about idiots spouting off. None of this is about having medical degrees…none of this is about anyone lacking the ability to investigate…

      • Isn’t that the entire issue – the ability to put emotions aside and think critically. When there is overwhelming fear – the prefrontal cortex, where critical thinking happens, does not work well, but the survival instinct becomes active with the amygdala “on fire”. Media conditioning along with health ignorance has created this mageifa. The White-coats are trembling beneath their “medical authority”. They know…the parents know…the CDC knows…and even the “Hamodia” knows…you can’t NOT know….UNLESS… you don’t WANT to know that vaccines are the culprit for ALL tzaros.

  11. Anyone who thinks Dr shanik is arrogant or encourages vaccines to line his own pockets needs their head examined. Another one of your talking points is how great measles is and how it helps a person develop the fact that a person gets the disease naturally does not mean it’s good for you or that we shouldn’t try to do everything possible to stop it. In Europe thousands died from terrible diseases like typhus do you suggest that would also be an amazing contribution to the development of your children? It wasn’t caused by vaccines (neither is autism). You anti vaxxers are mentally retarded period.

    • eh…
      Your point????
      Did you get a typhus vaccine?
      I didn’t either.
      Do you know why?
      Because there isn’t any.
      Believe it or not, Typhus went away without ANY vaccine!!!
      I don’t believe anything was written about your diety Shanik.
      Everyone is capable of arriving to their own conclusions.

      • Love your sense of humor, yottle! You sound like you know your health hacks – like stay away from pHARMa and all their priests….stay WELL!

      • Typhus is cased by Lice. heavy Deloucing progems started in WW1 helped get rid of Typhus. Now that lice dos not cause any illness people are relaxing there stand aganist lice some people feel that it is only time before Typhus makes a come back.
        Yes I know there are words misspelt

    • To “Anti Vaxxer” (who is obviously not one) I am wondering if you ever sent to down for 30 minutes and listened to someone on the other side than you are on. Not 1 minute, 30 minutes. Have you ever? Why not try? There are two sides to every story. It’s hard to believe everyone not wanting to vaccinate is really mentally retarted. Consider that many Gedolim feel parents have the right to free choice. Those gedolim HAVE listened to both sides and have patiently sat with people with both perspectives. When things are done patiently and thoughtfully and not rash then lucid decisions can be made. Try offering someone you don’t agree with, someone who is actually knowledgable, enough time to make their case. This is a great lesson not just for this but for all disagreements.

  12. For all who believe that measles is a benign (healthy??) childhood illness.
    There is measles outbreak Samoa that has been going on since October 2019. So far 53 people have died over 40 were children under 4 years old.
    They have only a 38% vaccination rate which obviously is what led to such an epidemic.
    Currently they are trying to get more people vaccinated to try to end this widespread disease.

  13. First of all something was written about dr shanik. Number two the point is not whether there is a vaccine for typhus, the point is you claim that these “natural diseases” are so good for the development of your children, do you wish typhus on them? It’s very healthy, a close second to measles. I maintain you are mentally retarded.

  14. You are confusing some facts and measles and typhus are just not synonymous.

    And besides, if you are so scared of all the plaques that happened in the years since creation (that many went away without vaccines) 72 vaccines for your children is way too little.

    Try to prevail with pharma and the government that that vaccines in the pipeline (more than 200) get quickly approved so that you can inject them to your children. Actually, I am wondering how it is possible that people are still around as my father claims that everyone he knew as a child had measles…. I guess we need to thank for the miracle that we are alive despite the fact that we shouldn’t have been around anymore due to the fact that we only got 10 vaccines at most and the children today are getting 72 doses….

    Can you point to the national crisis that happened in the past 20 years for the number of jabs to need to increase????

  15. No I think you and your kids should all get measles to assist in your development which is clearly lacking but you should also be kept far away from the rest of society as you are a danger to society.

    It’s pretty clear to any objective person that many extremely dangerous diseases such as polio have been eradicated thanks to vaccines. There is zero evidence whatsoever to back up any claims of any danger in vaccines except articles by doctors who have no credibility whatsoever and that their studies have been debunked many times over. Listen anti vaxxer I know it hurts but the world knows how crazy you are and nobody believes anything you say. We pity your children but you have the nerve to have tainos on the normal people out there for things like being wary of having your children in their homes. You made a decision to allow your kids be a danger to society now own it and stop whining.

    • This is the case of Hannah Poling, whose parents were awarded over a million dollars and the US court openly admitted that her autism was caused by her vaccines (READ THE COURT PAPERS, IT’S ALL THERE) since she had a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder (which may itself have been caused by earlier vaccines) https://censored.vaxcalc.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAMPBELLSMITH.-DOE77082710.pdf
      Here a bunch of US courts showing admission of vaccine injury: https://www.mctlaw.com/vaccine-injury/cases/
      Here is the head of the National Institutes of Health Dr. Bernadine Healy saying that children with mitochondrial disorders may be at high risk for vaccine injuries, and blaming the industry for refusing to look into it: https://youtu.be/UZFPpHBNp2M

    • Here is the sworn affidavit of Dr. Andrew Zimmerman:
      The first 5 pages describe his experiences
      with the DOJ attorneys, how they lied in court and misrepresented his opinion. The last
      27 pages itemize his qualifications.
      He was so severely PRO vaccine that he was frequently used as an expert witness in the vaccine court to debunk any link between autism and vaccines…
      Until he saw it happen with his own two eyes, and he made a 180, after which the court told him that his services will no longer be needed. In an unprecedented level of chutzpah and in a move that was highly questionable legally, the court continued to use his earlier testimony even after his retraction. IT’S ALL THERE IS THE AFFIDAVIT. READ IT.

    • Dr. Zimmerman is a board certified pediatric neurologist and former director of medical research at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

    • Benefits of Contracting Measles by Viera Scheibner, Ph.D.

      Polio was apparently not eliminated by vaccines. In fact, the WHO admits that more cases of Polio are occurring today than wide Polio.

      Here are statistics and data. Learn for yourself. https://preventdisease.com/news/10/102510_vaccines_did_not_save_us.shtml

      There are thousands of very credible doctors and scientists who say vaccines are dangerous. The list is growing daily. Most recently, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD (M.I.T.)
      https://www.linkedin.com/in/vashiva/ Ph.D. with four (4) degrees from MIT and who consults for drug companies in the development of drugs. He is an expert in the immune system. Check out his lectures on YouTube and Twitter.

      You are correct, it does hurt that the world thinks you are crazy. Obviously, a lot of research and conviction must happen to go against the mainstream. One day that will not be the case. More likely, people will come to realize for example that injecting fetal DNA (an ingredient in many vaccines) is causing mutations in human DNA that can be passed on to future generations. And those that didn’t vaccinate will be sought after.

    • Anti-vaxxer, WOW, you seem to be hurting!
      The way you are writing you must be dealing with some crippling health issue (w/ one of your family members) and may not want to hear that vaccines may have been the culprit.
      It is super painful to any parent to need to admit that something that they agreed to do may have been the thing to cause illness physically, mentally or emotionally.
      I am a very vocal vaccine skeptic and have lots of information that I searched after my initial bad experiences with vaccines. From my experience, the only ones that are as mad as you are, and hash the so called “anti-vaxxers” as you do, are either suffering with one or more child with PANDAS, chronic infection, seizure disorder, cancer and many more serious illnesses that we know are linked to vaccination. Or have a financial gain and are scared that once the industry crumbles, so will their finances. It may be any gain – most of all they will lose out once the vaccine industry comes falling.

      • BSD

        Exactly so! It’s NOT easy to accept responsibility in a world that doesn’t know what that means! After swallowing that I was indeed responsible for my children’s health/brain being tampered with by arrogant/ignorant pHARMa-doctors blindly injecting wesponized filth into my children’s bloodstreams – I did teshuvah and CONTINUE to do teshuvah by putting myself in vulnerable positions as I openly work to “untaboo” vaccine-talk secrecy. I talk & ask people to question as many, but not all, attack me as a disease spreader who is creating epidemics of ????, healthy children, perhaps?

  16. For the answer to the ever-pervasive and distracting “But what about Polio” question, see Chapter 12 (PAGE 185) of https://ia601000.us.archive.org/17/items/SuzanneHumphriesMDDissolvingIllusionsDiseaseVaccinesAndTheForgottenHistory2013Pdf/Suzanne%20Humphries%20MD%20-%20Dissolving%20Illusions%20-%20Disease%2C%20Vaccines%2C%20and%20The%20Forgotten%20History%20%282013%29%20pdf.pdf

    as well as the footnotes which quote from original scientific sources.


  17. To anti Vaxxer:
    When all of society got ONLY the small pox vaccine, were they a danger to society? Because they didn’t get the MMR, DTaP, Hep B, meningococcal, pneumococcal, polio, hep A and Gardasil vaccine? So everyone was a danger because there was no vaccine or is the danger suddenly out there when the vaccine is created?

  18. Dear anti vaxxers,

    That will never be the case. You will never succeed to brainwash the whole world, most normal people see right thru your propaganda. It’s sad but you and your children are a danger to society physically and mentally.

    You say you have yet to hear a pro vaxxer listen and stay a pro vaxxer so why are you afraid to debate a doctor? Instead of accusing dr shanik and others of promoting vaccines to line their pockets and saying other horrible things about them including name calling why don’t YOU listen to someone that’s smarter than you and believe it or not knows a lot more about medicine and the immune system and everything else you profess to know about than you do?

    • Dear anti (pro) vaxxer. You claim anti vaxxers are afraid to debate doctors. Quite the contrary they would love to have a debate and perhaps you could help schedule it. Dr Shiva from MIT is ready to put his house on the line, yes his house, if someone can disprove what he has to say. Can you get some doctors to debate him?

    • Anti-vaxxer I will repeat what bring on the debate has to say.
      Many doctors, lawyers and others are ready to debate the provax doctors. There were many schedules set for debate and for some reason the provax doctors have cancelled.
      Happens to be I am in touch with a doctor that was pro-vaccine to begin with and decided to agree to debate. He knew 100% that vaccines are safe and effective as they say. He however, wanted to prepare all information he knows with backing and that has created him into a very staunch anti-vaxxer.
      Also, the comment to listen to smarter doesn’t resonate with me at all…. who is to decide who is smarter and more educated? Are you going to say that the Rambam wasn’t a good doctor because he didn’t learn medicine by pHARMa sponsored medical school?? The Rambam has promised that whoever follows his guidelines will live a healthy life – nowhere in his texts has he recommended vaccines.
      Yes, many would debate. I think you seem so strong and passionate and may be the right person to bring on the debate. Waiting to see the debate live! If a doctor can show proof, citation and actual studies without just telling me that he learned more and knows more as a doctor, many would want to hear his points. Saying I am smarter and listen to me is childish, something like the conversations kids have “my father is stronger” “my mother is better” ……

  19. All the anti-vax people should read history.When the anti-vax started in the 1700’s the people who started wanted people to die from vaccine prevented illness,they also fought against the “poor laws” they did it because they thought there was to many people in the world and some people need to die. These wonderful people also help create 3 man made faime in the 1800’s the Irish, India, and Brazil in each one millions starved wile there was enough food to feed everyone in the country. The people who caused this felt that it was good for the world that so many people died. Oh yeh they also started the “Pro-choice movment were they made it a good thing to kill 1000’s of babies a year

  20. I think it would be prudent to do the research on those doctors that have testified against vaccination. How much have they been paid to do so by unscrupulous lawyers who want to milk the VICP? How many of them have built careers on their anti-vaccination stance? How many of them would not be known to anyone without their ‘heroic’ stand against vaccines?

    We should be more suspicious about these heroes. We have enough people in our community who make careers out of their ‘messiras nefesh’, מטיבן של קרובים אתה יודע טיבן של רחוקים.

    • It is exactly because of statements like yours that many doctors are afraid to say that sometime vaccines CAN cause problems. They are afraid they will be vilified and destroyed. If there were zero possibility of injury why has the vaccine injury board paid out over 3 BILLION dollars for injuries?

      Why are you so sure that ONLY doctors who testified against vaccination are being paid of? Isnt it just as possible (maybe more so) that those doctors saying that it is 100% safe are getting money?

      It is a know fact that the pharma companies have lied and bribed etc. It is also a known fact that certain insurance companies give bonuses to practices that are more than around 90% vaccinated. (I dont remember the exact percentage).

      So really if you are honest about it – who has more to loose?

      • A mediocre Doctor who is unheard of outside of his practice, can suddenly become famous and make a lot of money by testifying against vaccinations. A regular GP gets NOTHING from promoting vaccines, most research doctors also do not get anything. There may be a tiny amount of doctors on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies, because people don’t work for free. But from there to ‘being paid to lie’ is still a long way away.
        Are you saying Roshei Yeshiva are lying when they tell people to learn, because they just want to justify their paycheck? Are you saying that the engineers who check the aeroplane that you are about to use are lying, because the airline company paid them?
        It sounds like a nice theory of yours, but the world does not work that way. The only way we can find out about anything medical is through dedicated researchers. Those dedicated researchers must be paid, they would not do it otherwise. So this is the world Hashem created and told us to live in. So He has left us in the hands of the medical research community, and He knows what He was doing. It is Hashem who put us in the situation that demands we vaccinate and those who are fighting it are fighting Him

  21. @Evee I’m glad to hear that you are following the rambam’s lifestyle. Just curious do you by any chance drive a car? Do you have running water in your house? Do you have electricity in your house? Nowhere in the rambam’s texts does he prescribe that as part of his recommended lifestyle. It’s quite clear that the rambam would be pro vaccines and if the rambam were here today you would say the same things about the rambam you say about dr shanik. You are one big fraud who has a mental disorder and for the sake of society stop having children.

    • @Major anti-vaxxer I guess it is my word against yours and from understanding the Rambam’s work I am sure he would definitely be against vaccines and he would prohibit vaccination. His claims would most likely be that vaccination go against the way Hashem created the body and going against nature is not in sync with what is expected of a baal mamin!
      May Hashem bless you that you see the truth! You will be in my prayers every day, that Hashem should make you come to the side of the unvaccinated. I will daven that you one day stop vaccinating as well for the sake of your children. In addition to that I will include in my tefillos that you stop by stopping to judge others and diagnose others instead of the horrific things that have caused many mothers to stop. May Hashem give you the strength to look into it, without something that has the potential to wreak havoc in your life and create a situation that is unbreakable and loaded with pain for you.
      For the sake of the truth, I forgive you for calling me a big fraud and one with a mental disorder and may you never experience the pain that follows after a child is severely injured by a vaccine.
      And for everyone out there, please look into it before it is too late.
      I have unfortunately spoken to MANY parents who made fun of the ones that don’t vaccinate until their child died less than 24 hours of a vaccine, or their child went into shock and was in a coma, and the child that stopped walking, talking and fell back on all of their milestones after a vaccine or having a life-threatening allergy reaction in the doctors office. I am creating lists of such stories….. They happen more often than we like and in many instances the doctors admit it, but are scared to come out publicly and say so….. That is besides for the many that have infections, seizures and things following a vaccine and they don’t connect the dots.

      • Please contact me Evee to collaborate with many of US on a groundbreaking book that will be the bright light to dispel vaccine darkness and be a catalyst to finally internalize our Divine power to create optimal health BEH!

        I’m looking forward!

  22. What kind of horrific things happen?

    I didn’t know there are so many kids dying. I would think if there were so many dying from vaccines it would be reported no? Unfortunately I’ve heard stories of children dying but not once did I hear that it happened 24 hours after a vaccine. Is it at exactly 24 or sometimes 23 and sometimes 25?

  23. @ major major anti-vaxxer, there are MANY deaths in children lo oleini. You can find reports on the VAERS database which accounts to only 1 percent of reports as a Harvard study has found. Unfortunately I know about deaths following a vaccine that the family was threatened that if they expose that it is from a vaccine….. This year alone I have heard personal stories from toooooooooo many people. You can decide not to believe it if you choose. But since there is an issur of Lo Samed Al Dam Reacha, I will believe those many people that have shared their crazy stories with me. If you want to go against that you can make fun of the injuries as much as you want. But maybe, just maybe when and if such an injury happens too close to home, it may be too late to reconsider that fun you have made. May everyone stop without injury to their children, stop because you hear a different yid’s story.

  24. Without giving my personal opinion regarding vaccinations, why is it that almost every comment on this website is anonymous? Do you find it easier to blast the other side by hiding your name. Is it easier for Loshon horoh and rechilus if you don’t disclose who you are? Please, if you want to say bad things about people who disagree with you, don’t think that they aveiroh you are over on is any less hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. Whether you agree or not, talk with respect and kindness.


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