Christie won’t rule out presidential run in 2024

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Christie, who is promoting his new book “Let Me Finish,” said during an interview with conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt that he hasn’t “ruled out anything in terms of my political future,” including another run for the White House.

“Yeah, listen, why not? I’m 56 years old, so you have to see,” he said during the interview. “One thing, you know me, Hugh. I would not do it if I couldn’t see a pathway to victory.”

“I’m not someone who wants to do it just to go through the exercise. But if I saw a pathway to victory and a way to make a difference, I certainly would consider it,” he continued.

Christie ran for president in 2016, but dropped out in late February of that year and went on to become one of the first high-profile endorsers of Donald Trump. Christie has continued to have a hot-and-cold relationship with the president, and served on his transition team before getting fired. The “tell-it-like-it-is” politician has also critiqued the president on some of his decision and the people he surrounds himself with.

The former New Jersey governor on Monday said that he would not run against the president in 2020.


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