DAY 2: Updated 8:15 PM – ISRAEL UNDER SIEGE: 400+ rockets hit Israel, Israel weighs ground operation


Day 2:

8:15 PM Update:

  • Rockets are still falling.
  • Following the massive barrage of rockets into Israel, Israel pounded Gaza killing as many as 10 terrorists.
  • Iron dome defense system has a success rate of over 90% B”H.

4:3O PM Update:

40 rockets were just fired in a massive barrage.

2 PM Update:

  • Over 20 Islamic Jihad terrorists have been killed by Israeli airstrikes
  • Roughly 10 other terrorists have been killed as well
  • Rockets keep falling – with the number getting close to 400.
  • Reports say ceasefire talks are underway, GL believes there are currently no talks underway…
  • More than 50% of ‘Gaza envelope’ residents evacuated their homes.

9:00 AM Update:

  • Rockets are still falling in Israel
  • Israel targeted many Islamic Jihad terrorists, including killing a few Hamas militants.
  • A home in Ashkelon was hit – two people lightly wounded.
  • Israel says it is preparing to widen the operation with ground troops.
  • Palestinians claim Israel hit a ‘Commission for Human Rights’ building, OOPS – turns out it was a busted Palestinian rocket.

3:00 AM Update:

  • Israel is continuing with their โ€œprecision strikesโ€ which target specific rocket launching squads.
  • A five member squad was just killed.
  • Looks like Islamic Jihad is getting s reality check…

Tanks are coming to the border – in large numbers

  • Hamas says if a ceasefire is not reached overnight, they will join in.
  • Rockets resumed
  • Israeli jets resumed strikes


3:30 PM Update: The IDF has struck a massive amount of targets in Gaza. Reports indicate 10-15 terrorists were killed.

Rockets keep falling, B”H no Israeli fatalities.

Hamas leaders said ‘Our brothers will not be alone’ indicating they will join in…

1:30 PM update: Schools across Israel will be closed tomorrow.

In a ‘scary twist,’ Hamas may join Islamic Jihad, they are teasing a 9 PM local time announcement.

Additionally, the IAF keeps striking targets – including a terrorist on a motorcycle.

The Israeli Air Force announced that the iron dome defense system has a 90% success rate – with 50% of rockets falling in open areas.

11:30 AM update: The IDF called up iron dome reservists as well as home front command.

Additionally, the IDF struck multiple targets in Gaza including a tunnel created to kidnap Israeli civilians Rโ€L.

Tanks are being brought the border, Watch:

Reports indicate terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at an Israeli tank. However, there is no confirmation on this yet… Its worth noting, Israeli tanks have a โ€˜trophy defense systemโ€™ which essentially is a mini iron dome for tanks.

9:30 AM update: Israeli tanks and jets are striking Gaza.

Following a rare airstrike on an Islamic Jihad leader, as well as an assassination in Damascus, Islamic Jihad fired over 150 rockets on Israeli civilians.

Most rockets were intercepted by the iron dome defense system but others hit homes and one struck a highway.

A rocket fired from Gaza hit a home in the town of Kerem Shalom, light damage was caused, and B”H there were no injuries, due to the family being in a shelter.

Israel has said Islamic Jihad ‘crossed a red line’ with these attacks and will pay a heavy price.


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