LIVE: WATCH – CHAOS & DRAMA: Anti-Vaxxer event in Monsey, Buses go from Lakewood


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11:00 PM Update:

Listen LIVE – Del Bigtree is currently speaking.

People are protesting & taking photos of cars attending the event. See the video below:

Audio of the Anti the Anti-vaxxers. Note – you may need to have a wicked Yiddish:)

An event tonight in Monsey is being labeled as an ‘informative event about vaccinations where you can get your questions answered’ – however, the speakers tell another story – they are all anti-vaxxers.

GreaterLakewood was informed some people were not aware it was an anti-vaxxer event – and were planning on attending – but friends pointed out the true nature of the gathering.

The first speaker is Dr Lawrence Palevsky

Dr Pavelsky gave a lecture in 2017 titled ‘Are Vaccines Damaging Our Children’s Brains?’

Watch it below:

Mr Del Bigtree’s bio says:

PRODUCER Del Bigtree was an Emmy Award-winning producer on the daytime talk show The Doctors, for six years. With a background both as a filmmaker and an investigative medical journalist, he is best known for combining visually impactful imagery, raw emotional interviews and unbiased investigative research into stories that push the envelope of daytime television. Some of his most thought-provoking episodes include a rare televised debate between Monsanto’s head of toxicology Dr. Donna Farmer and GMO activist Jeffrey Smith and an exposé on a “gold standard” medical test that mistakenly indicts loving parents for child abuse, causing their children to be remanded to Child Protective Services.

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When Bigtree began investigating the story of the CDC Whistleblower and the fraud perpetrated by the CDC, he soon realized that he had stumbled upon a story of corruption and deception beyond any he had ever seen. Further investigation into the wrongful destruction of Andrew Wakefield’s career orchestrated by Big Pharma and the UK Department of Health inspired him to focus all of his attention on what he believes to be the most crucial documentary of the year. Bigtree is proud to be working side by side with Andrew Wakefield, one of the most important minds of our time, to create a documentary that will not only alert Americans to the outright destruction of their civil liberties, but will lead the charge to demand the formation of a genuine independent research body conducting legitimate science to ensure that all vaccines are truly safe.

He has multiple online videos on vaccinations as well.

Michael Sussman

Mr. Sussman is an attorney representing the anti-vaxxers as you can see in the article below taken from the

“A judge in Rockland County refused to issue a temporary injunction Tuesday that would let unvaccinated students at Green Meadow Waldorf School return to classes despite the county’s measles outbreak.

Lawyer Michael Sussman, who is representing 44 parents, was in U.S. District Court Tuesday seeking the injunction for the children, who’ve been out of school for five months during the unprecedented outbreak. Judge Vincent Briccetti ruled the plaintiffs hadn’t shown that the public interest was best served by an injunction.”

Mr Andrew Wakefield’s bio says:

“In 1995, as an academic physician working in a London teaching hospital, he was contacted by the parent of an autistic child with stomach issues. He soon learned from several other parents with autistic behaviors, that their children’s regressive behavior immediately followed an MMR vaccine. He started investigating a possible role between gastrointestinal issues, the MMR vaccine, and neurological injury in children. In pursuit of this possible link, Dr. Wakefield participated in a study of twelve children with both stomach and developmental issues. The ensuing report, written with twelve other authors would catapult Wakefield into becoming one of the most controversial figures in the history of Medicine.”

Mr Wakefield lost his medical license – in the ad however, he goes by Dr…

Rabbi Hillel Handler – taken from Vox

“Rabbi William Handler has also been proclaiming the well-debunked link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism. Parents who “placate the gods of vaccination” are engaging in “child sacrifice,” he told Vox.

Buses left from Lakewood. Pick up was in Belz Shlav ג at 5:30PM.

And from Bnos Bina At 5:45. Price is $12 for round trip. They are leaving the event at 9:45PM.

People set up a petition to close the event – receiving 600+ signatures. Check it out HERE

Stay involved – Here is how


  1. As usual, not a single respectable knowledgeable individual on the panel. And of course, as usual, the advertising was intentionally misleading pretending that this is informational about vaccines. Needed to be misleading because no normal person in his right mind would go to this waste of time.

  2. I think that anyone who does their own research, by going to college and studying epidemiology and statistics, can have an opinion on this.
    People who read some books, with no background in epidemiology, are just plain ignorant. They have some half knowledge and simplistic theories. But that does not create an opinion, just a bias.
    Many of us have learnt some Gemoro, and we come across people who spout opinions in halacha after reading newspaper columns. I think all of us know how they sound. The same is true when anti-vaxxers argue with bona-fide doctors. They are similar to the am hooretz in the bungalow colony making light of a psak of Reb Moishe’s.
    When they constantly push debunked scare words, like ‘unavoidably unsafe’, even after it is explained that it does not mean what they say it does, we see how honest they are. They have shown themselves to be untrustworthy and we should ignore anything else that they say.

    • You don’t have to be a doctor to understand that vaccines have to go through safety testing, neither do have to be a doctor to listen to parents stories on their children being injured from it.

      • In other words, ‘you do not have to know what you are talking about to have an opinion’.
        Thank you very much for making my point for me.

    • Thanks for authorizing me to have an opinion on this. With my background in epidemiology, immunology, and statistics, and my relationship with the HHS via my job, I wish I could publicize what I know – but I will lose my license and my livelihood if I do. Anonymously, I will say, that people who blindly trust their pediatricians (who blindly trust the CDC and its parent the HHS), are, sadly, risking their children’s health.

  3. Wow! If you are going to have an anti-vaccine event, at least spell the word professionals (not proffesionals) correctly in your advertising poster!

  4. Random side note. Just want to say thank you GL. Your website is beautifully set up. Appealing and clear. Always great reporting. Thnx again!

  5. I’m not sure who is having a wedding at the Atrium tonight, but I would make sure that they fumigated it for safety after…I’m tempted to call the Atrium and tell them off for hosting an event like that.

    Also, did you see that they have a weekend at the Arlington away? There goes that hotel.


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