GL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Yeshiva boys save a man who had a Swastika tattoo “Tell him a Jew saved him”

Sample photo of a tattoo

This past Friday night, 5 bochurim in a Mesivta in Boston were taking a walk. It was 12:30 AM when they were strolling along a path that went around a reservoir.

“There was a body of water, and a path around it with a steep slope that went into the water. We passed a spot where there were just rocks. I wanted to go down, the other 4 guys didn’t want to. There was no reason why, but I just wanted to go down” – the boy told GreaterLakewood.

“When I was down there, I heard a noise. I looked and saw something near the water but I was not sure what it was. At first, I thought it was an animal or a rock falling or something. But when the noise continued, I looked closer and saw something not moving. When I realized it may be a person – I got nervous. ” the boy said.

“He was in shallow water, lying with his head above the water.” The boy got frantic and “called there’s a body! Call for help! My friends ran into the street and flagged down a cop – right away. I remained down on the rock. Police called for backup. Another police arrive arrived and the two of them along with one friend came down and pulled him out. By that time, there were 6 police cars, fire trucks, and an ambulance.”

The boy then told GreaterLakewood:

“Then one officer came over and said to my friend ‘the guy had a swastika on his hand’ My friend responded 

‘tell him a Jew saved him.”

The boys overheard the police saying the man suffered from hypothermia and the Police thanked the boys telling them they saved the man’s life.

The boy told GreaterLakewood they are trying to track the man down but have not yet been able to find out his identity. The Boy concluded “I am sure we will get his number somehow.”



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