Exposing the good: Chessed Agency pairs Bochurim with jobs Bein Hazmanim – win-win


Do you need extra help for this pre-Pesach season? You have to come to the right spot.

The Chesed agency, was started by a bochur who had a bunch of odd jobs come his way. He opened a Twitter account, @BeinHazmanimjob to broadcast these jobs.

The Agency helps people who want an extra set of hands, find bochurim who are looking for something to do with their time while making some money on the side. The ‘clients’ are happy and the Bochurim earn a few dollars in a win-win.

Today, BeinHazmanimjobs has grown to 1000+ bochurim looking for some kind of occupation – no job too big or too small.

The ‘Chessed agency’ just entered its 8th year. To take advantage of this agency, just simply email your task to¬†beinhazmanimjobs@gmail.com



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