Florida Blacklists Airbnb Amid Anti Israel policy

Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday state agencies are now prohibited from conducting business with controversial home-sharing platform Airbnb.

The decision to place AirBnb on Florida’s Scrutinized Companies List follows criticism from the state’s new governor regarding the company’s decision to not list rentals in the West Bank area of Israel. DeSantis said “Israel has had to face scrutiny like no other country in history.”

“Airbnb made a conscious decision to discriminate against the Jewish people, and as governor I have an obligation to oppose policies that unfairly target the world’s only Jewish state and our greatest ally in the Middle East,” DeSantis said. “Our action today solidifies the State of Florida’s resolve to stand with Israel, and if Airbnb does not denounce their previous policy of discrimination we may be compelled to explore additional action.”

A Jewish version of Airbnb was recently launched by Tzvi Arnstein, founder of nextbracket.io,called koshnb.com to counter these policies and to give the people of Yehuda & Shomron a chance to keep renting out their units.


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