Half a million email entries for Yang’s ‘lottery’


Andrew Yang’s offer from the Democrat debate stage last week to pay ten American families $1,000 a month for a year to showcase his universal basic income campaign promise has drawn almost a half a million email entries into the $120,000 lottery.

The offer also helped the 44-year-old long-shot presidential candidate collect $1 million in donations in the 72 hours following the debate, Yang’s campaign told Politico:

The campaign said that over 90 percent of the email addresses are new, a huge expansion of the candidate’s email list. He also gained more Twitter followers over the course of the debate than any other candidate.

While some rivals on the debate stage laughed and rolled their eyes at the ploy, Yang’s campaign sees the “Freedom Dividend Pilot Program” as an example of why their internet-first campaign has pushed them to sixth place in the crowded contest.

“We’ve got a 21st-century candidate and we’re running a 21st-century campaign,” Campaign Manager Zach Graumann said in the Politico report. “That’s something not many of our competitors can say.”

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