HATE IN LONDON: Frum man threatened “I’m going to chop your head off”


A frum man in his 40s, was threatened and called a “****** Jew” by a man while he made his way to work.

The attacker then pulled out a knife and chased him down the street while shouting further anti-Semitic abuse.

Police confirmed a knife was recovered from the scene on Dunbridge Road.

Barnet Councillor Nizza Fluss said: “A man started running behind him saying ‘I’m going to kill you, I’m going to chop your head off’

“He [the victim] saw that he took a knife out and he started running away, he was just running for his life” reported the Standard

The Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “At around 10am on July 1 a Jewish man was threatened by another man in Dunbridge St.

“The suspect was carrying a knife. Police responded and arrested a 34-year-old man nearby for a racially aggravated public order offence.

“A knife was recovered from the suspect who remains in custody.”


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