WATCH: Hate in Miami – Man calls bagel store ‘ we’re going to get rid of you,’ detectives investigating


A man called  Bagel Time Café on Alton Road and asked the store owner’s wife if the workplace was Jewish. The store owner Yehoshua Nodel said “(He) wanted to know if we’re Jewish. Wanted to know if our workplace is Jewish. She said, ‘Yes.” So he said, ‘Oh, I know all of you Jews in the world, what you do. I’m going to expose you all.”

She hung up the phone but the man called back and said ‘We’re going to make sure you can’t overpopulate like you are now and we’re going to get rid of you,’ basically,” Nodel said. “‘I’m here. That’s my mission.'”

Nodel took this seriously and called the police, saying “This thing could happen in any of our businesses all around Miami, Personally, I wouldn’t get a gun permit until today, but now I’m rethinking it, you know? Maybe it’s something I should have.”  


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