SEE THE LIST: Hatzolah adds 18 members, 8 in Toms River, 5 Jackson, 5 in Lakewood


As the community in the Greater Lakewood area continues growing, the demand for more Hatzolah members increased. ‘Far out’ areas in Lakewood, as well as Jackson and Toms River, needed additional members to keep up with the demand and to keep response-time down.

Roughly a month ago, Hatzolah interviewed dozens of candidates, and officially selected 18 new members this weekend.

The new members will undergo orientation, some brief training, and will ‘soon’ be out there saving lives.

Hopefully, the community never needs their service.


  • L130: Pinchas Bergstein, Day time/night time – Jackson (royal grove down East Veterans)
  • L131: Mendy Bixenspanner,- Day time Jackson (West County Line Road and New Prospect) nights and weekends – Ridge Ave. East End Ave
  • L132: Moshe Braude, Daytime Jackson (Whitesville and Hope Chapel) nights and weekend-Coventry
  • L133: Abe Cinner, Toms River (Vincenzo and New Hampshire)
  • L134: Yoel Fischer, Toms River (North Maple)
  • L135: Avrumi Flohr, night Toms River  (Walden Woods) day Lakewood (Cedar Bridge and New Hampshire)
  • L136: Nochum Freund, day/night  Jackson (Brewers Bridge)
  • L137: Leiby Friedman, Toms River –(Whitesville liberty village)
  • L138: Heshy Horovitz, Day /Night West County Line Road
  • L139: Yossi Horowitz,- day(James and cross) nights and weekend Windym II
  • L140: Booky Kalusyner, day/night-Toms River (Cox Crow and Route 9)
  • L141: Moshe Kupferstein, day/night-Toms River (North Maple)
  • L142: Yaakov Nussbaum, night/day-Toms River (Grand River)
  • L143: Yechezkel Savitsky, day- Route 9 Lakewood/Toms River border nights and weekend Locust/Vermont
  • L144: Efraim Shkarofsky, Toms River- (Whitesville)
  • L145: Heshy Singer, Lakewood (Chestnut and Coughlin)
  • L146: Moshe Werner, Jackson-(Royal Grove down East Veterans)
  • L147: Eli Zirkin, – Lakewood day/night Albert Ave.
    The following new members will be observing on calls starting sometime next week.
    L132, L133, L135, L140, L142, L144, L146, & L147


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