UPDATE: Family to sit Shiva – HORRIFIC – Rebbe drowns while saving boy swept away in rip current


Update 11 PM: In a CBS News interview arranged by BELAAZ, Rabbi Gavriel Rudin, a member of the Jewish community of Norfolk shares his thoughts.


Update 9:00 PM – Sources in Rabbi Bauman’s immediate family tell Greaterlakewood, they received a Psak if the body is still not found by tomorrow at the time he disappeared – 12:40 PM, they will rip kriah and sit shiva.

Update 12:30 PM The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended search efforts for a teacher who went missing after he tried to help a student reportedly struggling in a rip current south of Sandbridge.

Update: 9:30 AM Search crews resumed the ‘recovery operation’ this morning.

At roughly 12:40 p.m. yesterday, police received a call for a drowning in the 4000 block of Sandpiper Road.

A 35-Year-old Rebbe, Rabbi Reuven Bauman was at the ocean with a group of 20 boys when a 13-year-old got caught in a rip current near Little Island City Park. He jumped in and saved the boy, but drowned and has not been seen since r”l.

Sources tell GreaterLakewood Rabbi Bauman used to learn in the Savannah Kollel before moving to Norfolk Virginia. He learned weekly with members of the Savanah community and kept up with many people in Savannah who needed chizuk.

“Water is pulling in two different directions. The in-shore current’s going north, the outer current’s going south, so it’s kinda making it difficult for search patterns, as well as the water is in rough conditions. There are red flags in the Sandbridge area, and this happened on a beach where swimming is prohibited,” said Cat Watson with Virginia Beach EMS reports WKTR.

An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter aircrew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, a 45-foot Response Boat and a medium boat crew from Coast Guard Station Little Creek are currently searching alongside crews from the Virginia Beach Fire Department and the Virginia Marine Police.

At this point, rescue workers are calling it a recovery mission, not a rescue mission – R”L.


  1. Can someone educate me why the Coast guard helicopter stayed very close to the shoreline? Doesn’t going more far out towards the middle of the ocean make sense also?

  2. See Shulchan Aruch Y”d 375, where he seems to pasken no shiva until body is found and halachically identified.
    והלכה כדברי המיקל באבל
    Especially that here the reason is because of a חשש עגונה.

    I would love to hear the name of the posek who decided this halacha

  3. hag”r dovid feinstein shlit”a said they should not sit shiva, this is a mefuresheh taz in yoreh deah 375by mayim she’ain lahem soif


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