KIDDUSH HASHEM: Israeli pop star turns down biggest gig of his life not to perform on Shabbos


Israeli pop star Omer Adam turned down an offer to perform at the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv since he would have to work on Shabbos

Adam is not yet religious but doesn’t perform on Shabbos.

Adam was invited by Israel’s KAN public broadcaster to perform the opening act at the 2019 Eurovision but declined because the rehearsals would be on Shabbat, ahead of the Saturday night finale.

A statement from Adam’s publicist to the Jerusalem Post said: “Omer Adam received an offer to appear in a performance at the 2019 Eurovision. After a meeting between the sides, because rehearsals for the finale would be held on Shabbat, Omer decided – despite the great honor – not to take part in the event. He thanks them from the bottom of his heart for approaching him.”


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