Lakewood township to get a new town hall & Police HQ


GreaterLakewood has learned the Lakewood Township has hired Masor Consulting to look into options for a new town hall and Police headquarters.

There are options of renovating existing infrastructure to expand, as well as building a new complex.

About 30 years ago, the police dept had 100 members – at the time there were 40,000 citizens. Today, there are about 120,000 citizens with only 150 police officers.

The police station is bursting at the seams with literally no room in the locker rooms for officers – with a new HQ they will be able to hire additional officers in addition to filling other needs.


  1. Does that mean more tickets to help pay for it?
    Why do we need so many police? Crime is low!

    We should rather use the millions to bring better hospitals and health care to the area


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