Relevant Halachos for Erev Pesach after Chatzos

Zmanim below are for Lakewood, NJ


The latest time to eat chometz Friday morning is 10:13 AM. Some opinions hold the zman is 10:18, others hold 10:42 AM.

The latest time to do biur chometz is 11:34 AM. Some opinions hold the zman is 11:37, others hold 11:49 AM. For biur chometz locations see HERE.

Eating matza is prohibited on erev pesach.

Chatzos is 12:56 PM. The זמן שחיטת הפסח begins at chatzos. When the Beis haMikdash stood, erev Pesach was considered a Yom Tov, since the Korban Pesach was brought on that day. It retains the status of Yom Tov today even though we are not able to bring the Korban Pesach today. Due to its status as a quasi yom tov, certain halachos are in effect at chatzos:

Sewing: It’s permitted to sew together a torn piece of clothing, even with a sewing machine; it’s also permitted to sew back a button that fell off or is missing. (Provided that it’s for the use of yom tov or chol hamoad.) However, sewing a new garment is prohibited.  

Laundry: Laundry may not be done after chazos. However, wet laundry may be put in the dryer after chazos, as only washing clothing is forbidden. Starting a new load one minute before chazos, is permitted, since you’re not performing any act of washing after chatzos.

Ironing: Permitted.

Polishing shoes: Permitted.

Haircut: Giving a haircut is forbidden, but receiving one is permitted. Hence, after chatzos it’s permitted to get a haircut from someone who is not a yid, but not from a yid.

Shaving: It should be done before chatzos. If one forgot or was not able to, it may be done after chazos.

Cutting nails: It should be done before chatzos. However, if one forgot or was not able to, he can do it after chatzos.

Asking a non-Jew to do any of the melochos above, is permitted.

(Psakim are from Mishna Berurah and Harav Shmuel Felder Shlita)


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