LEAKED AUDIO: Jackson ‘official’ warns against Hatzolah


Audio obtained by GreaterLakewood from the ‘Jackson secret meeting’ which already resulted in 3 resignations, exposes the extreme level of hate within Jackson township.

In the audio, failed board of ed candidate, and self-proclaimed hero of Jackson, Elenor Hannum, continued to show her true colors.

Hannum presented her case against Jackson trails, a new Jackson project which would bring close to 500 new homes, a shul, mikvah and more – to Jackson. Her claim was, having more homes will require Hatzolah’s services since local EMS cannot serve so many people and ‘you understand where I am going with this.’


“Going back to the Fire, Police dept, & EMS because now you are going to bring in 500 families…that may create an open door for people to say we cannot sustain to service their people, which may open the door for private resources from out of town to be used.

Which has been pushed the past few years. You understand where I am going with this.”

Elenor Hannum

It further proves that the secret meeting focused solely on ways to stop the Jackson Trails project as well as other developments, grasping at reasons for officials to oppose it. 

The one thing we all agree on is Hatzolah. In addition to saving lives, Hatzolah has saved municipalities across the United States millions of dollars which would otherwise have had to be directed toward local EMS services.

In fact, yesterday, RUOC ran a story on Hatzolah. In their words:

“At the south end of the Twin Towers, Hatzolah was the predominant ambulance service covering the disaster scene. Hatzolah ambulances transported numerous victims, including firefighters and police officers.

In addition, Hatzolah assisted in the rescue of thousands of men, women and children, who escaped to the docks near the Holocaust Museum in Battery Park and helped evacuate these people onto boats headed for New Jersey.

For those that don’t know, Hatzolah is a volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) organization serving mostly Jewish communities around the world. They were founded in Williamsburg Brooklyn in the 1960’s and have grown to be the largest volunteer ambulance corps in the world.”

The post received 57 comments, almost all in support of Hatzolah.

In other words, Hatzolah is an undisputed, incredible organization.

Having Hatzolah of Central Jersey operating in Jackson would save lives and the Township money. Why Elenor Hannum would even use that as a reason to oppose Jackson Trails is nonsensical. She couldn’t even bring herself to say the words directly as she knew that what she was getting at was ridiculous and bigoted.

It is scary that Elenor Hannum is given so much influence over the Jackson council is shocking. Will Nixon, Bressi, Calogero, Kern, and Sauickie condemn her once and for all? It would do a great service for Jackson if they did.

Stay tuned as more about this women and her bigoted plans that she and other Jackson officials have planned will be revealed…  


  1. She should be locked up!!!

    She is a danger to society (not only to Jews). Someone like her who will bite her knows to spite her face, is dangerous. Period!


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