OPINION: Letter to officials & ‘askanim’ You are making hate the new norm, DO SOMETHING!


On a near-daily basis, we open the news to see another Anti-Semitic story. It has reached the point that many roll their eyes and say ‘Again?’

Hate must end. Yes, I am aware it will never end. However, hateful actions must be unacceptable and acted upon. Apparently, authorities do NOTHING about it. All talk no action.

The Toms River resolution, read “We condemn any use of freedom of speech that will promote hatred, bigotry, and prejudice that will divide our community and the peace and goodwill amongst our residents” but condemnation is not enough. It has reached the point of harassment – which is Illegal. People now oddly ‘expect’ to get harassed at public places in Ocean County – of course, thanks – in part to Rise Up Ocean County.

The last few days I read headlines like:

Hate in Toms River: Lady screams at Jew ‘You have measles’ in Post office

Hate in Costco: Person tells Jewish family ‘Go to Bingo – you people’

HATE IN BRICK: Brick resident asks Mayor to stop ‘Invading Jews’ from using parks

Update: Agudas Yisroel join in -Oros Bais Yaakov VS Jackson: Motion filed against Jackson

Is Rise Up Ocean County Encouraging Violence?

Hate in Jackson: Jewish-owned home sprayed with swastikas, vandalized

How many more of these headlines do we need? Do we need ‘real incidents’ for ‘askanim’ and officials to wake up? They are ‘all talk no action’.

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President Trump says on a near-weekly basis that the first priority of a president is to keep America safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if local officials make their first priority to make citizens safe?

I personally got a gun permit & urge everyone to do the same. It’s in our wonderful constitution and there was never a more hateful time in NJ than now. If local officials don’t protect me, I will protect myself. Yes, Police protect us and do a great job BUT thanks to our officials, they are reactive and not proactive. The evidence is: All these incidents occurred and NOTHING happened – yes nothing even behind the scenes.

Perhaps call this measure extreme, perhaps in a few years you will also wake up and get a gun but hopefully, Moshiach will come and it won’t matter anymore.

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  1. Time for klal Yisroel to wake up and do teshuva as a loving nation together. Nothing is coincidence. Every tragedy has a direct reason and wake up call message from Hashem why it happened.

    How May times were our grandparents warned before WWII to leave Europe? How many do you think listened? Very little compared to the 6 million lives that were lost R”L

    don’t wait until the last minute to leave don’t wait until it’s too late C”V

    May we all come together very soon to do teshuva.

  2. Calling on others to do something is not productive period. Each individual should take responsibility and pitch in. The Torah H’kdosha tells us vavdil eschem… V’hiysam le segulah. If we don’t make kiddush the non Jews will make havdalah r’l!

    Practically speaking, we are obligated to maintain distance HOWEVER, we are taught to preform acts mpnei darkei sholom. I believe greeting ones neighbor, assuring that you respect his/her property line and parking space etc… Is a recipe for successfully keeping the hate contained beneath the surface. Try it now and post the results.
    Continued Hatzlocah!

  3. Stop relying on politicians & askonim to save you. It’s foolish to think an askan can stop antisemitism. Antisemitism is a wake-up call that we are getting too comfortable in galus. No one can help us but avinu shebashamayim.

  4. “All these incidents occurred and NOTHING happened – yes nothing even behind the scenes.”
    That’s not true at all! Fake news! Why is Greater Lakewood allowing such an unverified report/opinion on their site.
    Nothing wrong with posting an opinionated letter but Next time take that part out.


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