MEASLES: Anti-Vaxxers sue NY State’s religious exemption repeal

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Attorneys representing the Anti-vaxxer community, filed a lawsuit today in New York State Supreme Court challenging the constitutionality of the NYS legislature’s repeal of the religious exemption to vaccination. The plaintiffs, 55 NYS families who held lawful religious exemptions, requested that the court enjoin the enactment of the repeal temporarily, preliminarily and permanently.

The Aguda slammed the court’s decision in June, to repeal the religious exemption saying this is a dangerous precedent. In a press release, they said “Agudath Israel has proactively organized multiple, free vaccination clinics in Borough Park, Flatbush, and Williamsburg; placed full-page educational advertisements in community magazines and newspapers; and partnered with the NYS and NYC Departments of Health to disseminate critical information to schools and parents describing best steps to prevent this disease. Our stance and actions on this issue have been clear. 

That said, Agudath Israel views with concern the recent passage of a bill to eliminate the ability to file a religious exemption for vaccination to allow attendance in a New York State K-12 school. When Agudath Israel expressed this concern to the legislature, it emphasized that the First Amendment, and the sacrosanct constitutional principle of governmental aversion toward impinging on the free exercise of religion, is a cornerstone of our country. It is a principle that our constituents routinely rely upon to function as Orthodox Jews in America. Erosion of that – irrespective of whether it affects our immediate religious practice – sets a dangerous precedent.”

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit are of diverse religious faiths, including Christianity, Judaism and Islam. As a result of the repeal, these families can no longer educate their children in any schools or camps in New York without violating their religious faith.  The parents who bring the suit seek to represent thousands of other families likewise affected by the repeal – reports


  1. What religion would condone in injecting live aborted fetal tissue, foreign and recombinant DNA not only into themselves but forcing it into others? Healthy humans on top of it all and when there is no epidemic!
    No deaths.

    There are many questions to be asked and the general public needs to dig a bit deeper than mainstram media. There are 10,000s of people claiming religious exemption in NY, even before autism and medical issues were so prevalent. This shows there is a religious basis for rejecting vaccination separate and apart from claimed injuries due to vaccination. (and everyone knows one size medicine does not fit all). All Drugs have side-effects for some people but vaccine have no side-effects!? Two separate issues.

  2. The same legislature & governor celebrate legalizing gay marriage & killing viable “fetuses” – humans! Vaccines are biologically incompatible products of industries that have proven themselves to be corrupt beyond measure. No one from these shady operations has ever been jailed – though they knew good and well that their products are damaging & deadly. Why has Agudah, OU, and the majority of rabbis supported forced vaccines on our Divinely designed bodies that do wondrously WITHOUT them???? I bet you could guess – you’re RIGHT! It’s $$$$$$$$$$ & more $$$$$.

    That’s the emes as we all know. The doctors are dreaming that they will get away with murder. Yeish din, v’yeish Dayan. If only all parents can admit they made big mistakes out of ignorance- we would drain the swamp in the tattered Jewish community. Instead these suffering parents who continue to allow their children to get violated with vaccines ostracize their educated family and friends. Thank you to the media, our organizations, and our rabbis for spreading something far more diabolically deadly than measles – sinas chinam – Geulah is aching to appear – but WHO keeps pushing it away????? Please wake up

  3. I am a member of but one religion, and there are anti-vaxxers who use this religion to claim an exemption. Yet they fail to quote any religious source for this. It is this disingenuity that is troubling about this.
    There may be other religions that do have something against vaccinations, most likely religions that are against all medicine. But it is the lies that people say that causes these problems. The Aguda should point their fingers against those in the community who distort their religion by specious arguments.

  4. There are numerous places in the Torah and seforim where we are exhorted to guard our body’s and stay away from danger. That’s reason enough for a religious exemption for people who have done their homework and have come to the realization that vaccines harm the body.

    And especially considering that vaccines don’t even give adequate protection from the disease they’re supposed to be preventing. In fact, vaccinated persons who failed to produce antibodies or where the vaccine immunity waned can contract and transmit measles, and other diseases, even if they have a subclinical case. the pertussis vaccine is known to wane very quickly making you 42% more susceptible to contracting whooping cough each year following the last dose. And even worse, it’s been shown that it prevents the vaccinee from coming down with the illness but not from colonizing it in their throats and transmitting it to others.

    Read what vaccine scientists say about the inevitable resurgence of some of these diseases and about the many incidences of measles, mumps, and whooping cough that have occurred in highly vaccinated populations to understand that the vaccine doesn’t work for everyone of even confer long-lasting protection.

    These are good places to start:

  5. The Torah command everyone to stay away from what they believe to be dangerous. So if it’s dangerous, then halachically you need to stay away. Plain and simple. This should really be a medical exception. But you can’t get one in NY for legal and political reasons. Also, on a medical side, the government argues and says that it’s NOT dangerous, and they believe that they get to decide that for everyone. They are wrong on scientific as well as democratic issues. When halacha is invoked, it no longer matters what the government says. Even if they believe that it’s medically safe (which is an absolute lie, based on so many FOIA reports, whistleblowers, scientists, etc.), it’s STILL halachically prohibited to vaccinate if YOU know that it’s dangerous. Again, if the the government says something is medically safe, but you know that it’s not, it’s assur to engage in that activity. Contrary to what so many people claim, we DON’T follow majority when it comes to medicine. If 1,000 doctors say that one may fast on Yom Kippur and one doctor disagrees and feels that it’s dangerous for a particular individual to do so, it is forbidden for him to fast.

    This is besides the fact that we don’t have majority opinions because 1-all the 99% of doctors and Rabbonim who say to vaccinate didn’t do the research. They’re just repeating what everyone else says. So they’re not a dei’a. They’re like eid mipi eid. 2-They’re all bought out through shochad, bribery, in one fashion or another, or the ones informing them have been bribed.

  6. To clarify my earlier comment, this is not a hoax to get a contrived religious exception since medical exceptions are not granted. It’s a hundred percent bona fide and legitimate based on halacha, which is in turn based on the underlying metzious, upon which there is a scientific disagreement. It’s very subtle. Think about it. Please don’t misconstrue my words. This is not a shtick. It’s real.

  7. Give up rights to make medical decisions for your children, and you are on a very slippery slope to losing all your rights as a parent….
    it starts very innocently, public health concerns…. but this is just a beginning. Education is next and then…..


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