Menendez on Booker Decision to Suspend Campaign “genuine sadness”


“I know I share my genuine sadness with millions of Americans who believe that Cory’s unwavering message of fairness, faith and coming together in common purpose is exactly the path our nation needs to heal and move forward. I am also incredibly proud of our Senator and my friend for running an inclusive, inspiring campaign of ideas, grounded in principle, and fueled by the fight for what’s right.  

“Cory’s ideas and ideals have undoubtedly left a mark on this race, becoming our national voice on criminal justice reform and putting forth the most sweeping and aggressive plan to attack the epidemic of gun violence destroying lives and communities.

“His leadership and energy is invaluable to the Senate and to the people of New Jersey. I’m looking forward to hitting the campaign trail for Senator Booker’s re-election this fall and to continuing our work together for years to come.” 


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