New Bagel Store opens in Lakewood


Bagel King, Lakewood’s newest bagel store and cafe, will officially open Thursday morning, April 11, at 7:00 AM.

They are located in the same plaza as NPGS Jackson, 2080 West County Line Rd.

The store will feature a drive thru, in addition to the spacious eating area.

For more info or to place an order, call the store at 732-813-3990.

Bagel King specializes in top quality ARTISAN KOSHER bagels made from all natural ingredients. Craft Bagels using recipes passed down for generations. Bagel King will transport you to a time of nostalgia. They have been working with a micro roaster to create Bagel Kings unique coffee flavor. Offering single origin and seasonal blends.

Kvias Mezuzah at Bagel King



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