NEW ERA? Get a solar panel on your roof from TESLA, from only $50 a month, no installation costs


Tesla rolled out a solar panel program where homeowners can rent solar panels from as low as $50 a month – including installation.

The offer was rolled out in a  six states — Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Mexico.

In every eligible state except for California, Tesla will charge $50 per month for a “small” 3.8kW solar panel system that generates an average of 10 to 14kWh of energy per day, $100 per month for a “medium” 7.6kW system that generates 19 to 28kWh, or $150 per month for a “large” 11.4kW system that puts out 29 to 41kWh per day.

The average home will likely need medium or large panels.

There is one caveat, removing the panels comes with a $1,500 fee ‘to cover Tesla’s cost.’



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