OPEN: Lakewood 7-Eleven now selling kosher hot dogs, see the menu

CREDIT: Ari B/L-43

First Monsey, now Lakewood. 7-Eleven on Route 9 just opened a kosher hot dogs stand.

The hot dogs are in a separate area and are being sold by the same vendor that provides fresh kosher sandwiches.

The hechsher is ‘Lakewood Kashrus Organization’


  1. 7-11 in Lakewood tried selling “Kosher” hot dogs before. They supposedly were sealed, but in reality were not, the seal did not stick to the foil and the foil was usually open in place with no seal. Maybe a different vendor will get it right, but caution is advised

    • @TreeInTheForest what your describing sounds like the previous attempt had the kosher hot dogs heated on the same warmer/oven as the treif hot dogs with just a wrapper to keep it separate.
      This time it’s on different ends of the store NOT IN THE SAME OVEN/HEATER

  2. With a Hechsher? Who’s? Will there be a Mashgiach? What if they run out? What’s stopping them from replacing them from the regular stock?
    Be very careful…
    Anyway, they probably taste better in any restaurant and takeout in town.

  3. texas totty, its a very good hechsher and star K would have came in if not for lakewood politics. the guy behind the counter is a frumpiest guy from lakewood and I know him for over 15 years . If he runs out he goes down block to blue ribbon and buys more stuff . Be very careful because why exactly ? You think a kosher hot dog is so much more expensive then tried one that he will use tried meat? what’s topping the hispanic guy in any of your local eateries from doing what he wants ? Besides there’s bunch of cameras alround the area

    • I wrote that comment before any Kashrus info was posted. All the original article said was that 7-11 will be selling Kosher hot dogs. I, therefore, asked some very legitimate questions on how they will ensure Kashrus. Now that seems to be clearer. Who knows? Maybe my comment caused them to make sure it’s up to standard?

  4. Lakewood Kashrus Organization is under guidance of Rabbi Abadi Shlita. Rabbi Abadi is a huge talmid chochom, but most readers here do not follow his shitos in kashrus. You can learn about Rabbi Abadi’s shitos on this website run by his talmidim
    I do not have any knowledge whether Lakewood Kashrus Organization follows Rabbi Abadi or more mainstream shitos in their hashgocho.

  5. Will the Seven-Eleven also by selling unpackaged nonkosher food?

    (Most hechserim would not give a hecsher in such a store as per the opinion of Rav Moshe Feinstein and the
    Agudas HaRabbonim when he was heading it but I’m asking a question not giving an opinion)


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