Organization gives Anti Semite Of The Week Award to…. Richard Ciullo – Convicted felon – of Rise Up Ocean County


An organization Stopantisemitism – has named this week’s antisemite as Richard Ciulo of ROUC.

The post says:

Richard Ciullo, is a 51 year old convicted felon from Toms River, New Jersey. He is also a vile antisemite, who is behind the antisemitic social media page “Rise Up Ocean County” (RUOC) on Facebook.

Ocean County is located along the Jersey Shore, and is a home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities in America.

Since its inception, the focus of the RUOC page has been on spreading Jew hatred with claims that Jews are attempting to take over New Jersey.

Ciullo’s RUOC page also regularly shares antisemitic tropes dating back to the Middle Ages claiming that Jews hate all Non-Jews and women.

Richard Ciullo also expresses paranoia that Jews are taking over Ocean County. Through the RUOC page, he is frequently doxing any Jew having to do with real estate transactions.

They conclude: Perhaps one of the most troubling posts on the page is video with Richard Ciullo himself narrating a Holocaust poem, appropriating it to attack Jews.

GreaterLakewood has posted dozens of articles exposing the group’s antisemitism – not just “overdevelopment” in fact for a while, we were taking them on alone.

This past week GL broke the news that the group has been permanently removed from Facebook.


  1. Hershel said many times that RUOC is NOT Anti Semitic. We always believe that what Hershel says is the truth. What are you talking about?@#$$. This is corruption at its best!

  2. GL: Why don’t you expose the Mosrim? They are the cause of this problem. Without the few morsim assisting RUOC, RUOC would be no more than another Jackson Strong.


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