Pete Buttigieg disagrees with Trump on ‘Jerusalem and the Golan’


Jpost reported, Pete Buttigieg, claims he is committed to Israeli’s security and the U.S.-Israel Alliance, but that is doesn’t mean that he “has to be on board with the political agenda of the Israeli government.”

In a closed conversation with key figures in the Jewish community in Washington, organized By Steve Rabinowitz and Aaron Keyak, founders of “Bluelight Strategies” consulting group, he said, “I do not believe that the right approach is to endorse wholesale the agenda of the current government. The right approach comes about when you have an ally or a friend that is taking steps that you think are harmful and you put your arm around your friend and try to guide them somewhere else. That’s part of how our alliance works.”

Pete continued, “The way I think about our relationship with Israel, versus our relationship with the current Israeli government or any current government, is in some ways the way I think about my relationship with the United States, That, I, as a loyal, patriotic American, I do not believe that means I have to be loyal to the political agenda of the current administration in Washington.”
 He spoke about the relationship between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Donald Trump, and took exception to Trump’s Decision to recognize Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. “

“I mean, at the very least if we’re going to talk about things like Jerusalem or the recognition of Golan, having an actual deal around that,” he continued. “You don’t do something specifically for the purpose of reinforcing him politically and domestically. Even if those gifts are endorsed.” he concluded.


  1. Another demonrat liberal. Eruvrav empty headed Jews will vote for whatever trash the Demonrats nominate. However all authentic observent Jews will vote Republican. I hope that doesn’t offend those who only care about mamon and pressure the oilam to vote For Demonrat senators and governors.


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