PHOTOS: Carlebach Moshav fire: 60 homes destroyed 5 still standing – Shul standing


Moshav modi’in had a devastating fire – destroying 90% of the community. This Shabbos the community will camp out in the forest next to the Moshav.

The following is a message from Smuel Shantall

Dear family and friends!

Yesterday saw devastating fires sweep through the forests surrounding Modiin!

My parents in-laws home together with 55 out of the 63 houses on Moshav Mevo Modiim burnt to the ground. People from this community are now homeless and are in need of our immediate support

This small community of 240 people, founded by R. Shlomo Carlebach renowned for its hospitality and warmth, built over the last 43 years will now need to be rebuilt from scratch. The evacuation was so quick that there wasn’t even time to pack a bag.

Want to help? The local authority, Moetza Azorit Hevel Modiim, is working with a non-profit organization to collect funds for residents of Mevo Modiim.

Donations in Israel: “Residents for Residents”
Bank Leumi (10)
Branch Yehud Monoson (837)
Acct. (2227840)


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