The following was submitted by a ‘prominent member of the Lakewood community’.

Despite promises by Lakewood to increase infrastructure to ease congestion, the Master Plan failed miserably in court due to serious negligence by the Master Plan committee. Yet despite his mishandling of the matter the Master Plan Chairman Mr. X enjoys a nearly $200,000 job at the Township and has just been reappointed to the Planning Board.

Yet allegations of Attorney misconduct shed further light on scandalous behavior. These failures directly resulted in the recently approved Eagle Ridge Development which will cripple the Cross st. area. Eagle Ridge is represented by Mr A Esq. who also serves as the Attorney for the Master Plan Chairman, an egregious conflict of interest. As Mr A Esq. was serving as Lakewood Township MUA Attorney during this period and was working for Mr X, the Lakewood Township MUA Director all the while, lending serious credence to claims of foul play.

Many speculate that the Master Plan failures were actually intentional to allow over-development. Township officials seemingly won’t deny that had Mr X not passed the rigged Master Plan, his job would be no longer… despite overwhelming taxpayer opposition. He was really in a hard place.

But there is more, at a recent Lakewood Industrial Commission meeting, of which Mr X serves as Vice President, a proposal was presented by Mr A Esq. representing a client who wishes to place residential development in Industrial Park’s commercial only zone. The shortage of affordable industrial and warehouse space in the Lakewood vicinity debunks the argument presented that Lakewood’s economic boom supports the client. Yet these apparent efforts by Mr X and Mr A Esq. apparently match up with their belief that private interests override public good, and that public officials can utilize their power at their discretion.

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  1. Thank you for the expose, I hope something comes of it. Maybe you can elaborate why or which part of the master plan failed & how it will affect us.
    What is the solution to Lakewood cronyism?

  2. Did this fellow just move to Lakewood?
    Welcome to the capital of corruption.
    The day the VAAD was established, the corruption of Lakewood was etched in Stone.
    Now the VAAD is trying to dig their fangs into Jackson, Toms River, etc. to the detriment of all of the people.
    They would be smart if they would keep them out at all costs.
    They ruined Lakewood permanently, clean up the cesspool.
    Yes VAAD is a 4 letter word.

  3. This has been going on for years, everyone has spoke about over development in Lakewood and now moving to surrounding towns. SHAME SHAME SHAME!

  4. Please let us know how to stop this! I’m at a loss to understand the politicians and leaders of this town. It’s very disappointing


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