Reader Submitted: Dear Freeholders, you missed the boat


As a proud Ocean County resident who has always voted Republican, I am sad to say that I will vote for a Democrat this November. While condemning RUOC was nice and the right thing to do I feel that you missed the boat.

RUOC was created due to a toxic atmosphere that exists. This atmosphere was created due to local leaders allowing hate to grow and by their using of hate as an election resource. Leaders who admit openly that they are fighting Jews and arent called out for it are what gives RUOC the legs to stand on.

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Allowing Mike Reina to continue to act as if nothing was done wrong is shameful and wrong.  Mike Reina is a disgrace to Ocean County.

Yitzy Kleinman

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  1. move on yitzy! we dont ” call out” we work around it and beat them in the end. ain lecho yofeh min hatznius.. whining for every swastika graffitti is not the way


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