Reader Submitted: Jackson officials need to go, The time has come


Mr. Reina, Mr. Nixon, and Mr. Calogero need to go.

Anti semitism has no place in our Country.

All three men have engaged and enabled anti semitism to prosper in Jackson N.J. All three men have enabled an environment of hate to grow on social media and beyond.

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Mr Reina’s three closest friends have been discovered to have been working with Jackson Strong and have helped create a sick reality in Jackson. A reality in which it is forbidden to be friendly with Jewish residents is sick and reminiscent of Nazi Germany. An environment in which Mr. Reina’s closest allies are allowed ( and urged) to use code words like Lakewood, developers and civil discourse to allude to Jews negatively must not be allowed. 

When will these three bigots stand up and do whats right ? When will a leader stand up in Jackson and start working for unity? People are getting attacked in the streets of Jackson and the towns SPINELESS leaders don’t care.


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Editors note, Mr. Calogero – lookout for a story later…


  1. Greater Lakewood editor,

    No Offense, but you cannot say the opinion is of the author and does not reflect the position of your site IF YOU DONT DISCLOSE THE AUTHOR’s name.

    Otherwise, it’s your opinion.

    Just an FYI.

  2. Sure, we are all going to go away and disappear because of some anonymous editorial on Greater Lakewood.

    If we weren’t such nice guys this type of editorial can only us more hostile.


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