Reader Submitted: Mega TV screen in the middle of the עיר התורה, something MUST Be done


Yomim Noraim. Days of Awe. We prepared all Elul to finally reach the climax of the Yomim Noraim. We joined the throngs of bnei Torah in the עיר התורה of Lakewood as we woke up and hurried up “the 9” the mornings of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. בבית אלקים נהלך ברגש.

We went as so many others did awaiting the days of tefillos. As we walked we were awestruck to see a gigantic big television screen blasting commercial advertisements for yiddisha brands in the middle of the עיר התורה.

Shomu Shamayim. Like a huge TV on a shabbos clock left on publicly in the middle of our Yomim Noraim.  How could they? A yiddisha business running advertisements blasting for all to see.

How do I keep my son from asking me questions about the ads while trying to discuss the upcoming avoidah laying before us. Where are the Kannayom?? Why do they allow this?

Yehuda F.

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    • Having an electronic billboard playing on yom tov in public is a serious altercation of kedushas yom tov. So yes I would think the writer is serious.

  1. How do I keep my son from asking me questions about the ads while trying to discuss the upcoming avoidah laying before us.

    In the same way you can keep him from asking questions about anything else. (You can’t). YOU should be capable of discussing the upcoming avoidah laying before us even in a place that has ads for businesses. And be Dan the business owners L’kaf Zchus to your son the same way you want the same from Hashem during these days of judgment.

    Where are the Kannayom??

    Apparently writing letters to Greater Lakewood

    Why do they allow this?

    Because you have limited control over the behavior of other people and have to pick your battles.

  2. Yehuda,

    Did you reach out to the business. It probably skipped their mind. Even you only posted this after walking to shul on Yom Kippur.

    If you did what did they respond?

    Maybe their Rav holds it’s 100 percent fine.

  3. Did you contact the business owner? It was probably an honest mistake. You might be doing a much bigger aveira by being mevayesh the owner be’rabim & hurting his parnossah. I also wouldn’t equate the advertisements to watching television.
    I’m not endorsing the billboard at all.

  4. This billboard bothers me too. I walk to shul around the lake and in the darkness of the morning, the garish colors are jarring. The lake used to be beautiful and this really ruins it.

    • On shabbos there are no ads, just the weather, Daf Yomi, and Gut Shabbos. Yom Tov was probably an oversight. If You are really doing this L’shem Shomayim did you contact the owner of the billboard to find out why this happened? or did you just assume that he probably doing it B’davka just to bother you?

      • I am not a kanoi, neither am I leshem shomayim. I didn’t assume anything about their intentions, I just said that it bothers me. I don’t care what the screen says, I can’t read it from next to the lake. The garish light disturbs me.
        I don’t even knoe who the owner is. But he or she did not ask me before putting up the screen either, so we are equal.


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