Reader Submitted: We must accept anti-vaxxers or we are wasting Yom Kippur


Note: I am not “anti-vax,” but simply stating the obvious, that halacha prohibits the unjust marginalization of Jews who don’t vaccinate. Banning healthy children from school is halachically-indefensible, as is banning healthy individuals from shul. Even worse, this discriminatory policy threatens to tear apart Klal Yisroel into factions. Factionalism is the antithesis of what we are trying to accomplish on the awesome day of Yom Kippur. If you can “think out of the box” and entertain ideas that challenge the status quo, please read on:

Urgent Yom Kippur message for all rabbis and community leaders everywhere:

In the liturgy of the yomim noraim, we recite the prayer:

“May they all form a single band (aguda echas) to carry out Your will with a complete heart.” ויעשו כולם אגודה אחת 

Indeed, Israel may only stand before G-d when we are one. As we recite in the concluding blessing of shmona-esrei, ברכנו אבינו כולנו כאחד, “Bless us, our Father, all of us as one.” When does “our Father bless us?” Only when “all of us” are “as one.”

If one Jew is excluded from shul or school, we are all deficient. We cannot stand before Hashem and ask for a sweet new year. As we read in last week’s Torah portion: ” אתם ניצבים היום כולכם לפני ה’ אלקיכם – You stand today, all of you, before Hashem your G-d.”

If one of you is missing, if it’s not “all of you,” you cannot stand before G-d.

In the Yom Kippur liturgy, the word “אגודה אחת – one agudah,” is an important term to consider:

In Deuteronomy 14:1, the Torah exhorts us: בָּנִ֣ים אַתֶּ֔ם לה’ אֱלֹקיכֶ֑ם לֹ֣א תִתְגֹּֽדְד֗וּ וְלֹֽא־תָשִׂ֧ימוּ קׇרְחָ֛ה בֵּ֥ין עֵינֵיכֶ֖ם לָמֵֽת

“You are children to Hashem your G-d. Do not cut yourself, and do not make baldness between your eyes for the dead.”

On the literal level, the verse is commanding us not to inflict ourselves with (medically-unnecessary) pokes, stabs or gashes (as was done by pagans to express their grief over the dead, or to pledge allegiance to their deities.

Our Sages expounded a deeper meaning: “לא תגודדו — לא תעשו אגודות אגודות. Do not make yourselves into agudos agudos,” i.e. different factions and groups that are at odds with one another (Yevamos 14a).

This means that we are not allowed to have a shul or community where some rule like Beis Shammai and some like Beis Hillel.

We may not divide a community into two factions. Some may attend one shul, but may not attend another, and vice versa.

This is an anathema in Judaism, a violation of the verse לא תתגודדו.

Recently, I wrote to a rav of a prominent orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn:

“How can you remain silent while thousands of completely-healthy Jewish children are banned from attending schools and yeshivos in your city, many hundreds in your neighborhood alone!?”

He responded tepidly: “I don’t understand. Let them make their own schools.”

It reminds of me of Marie Antoinette’s fateful retort to the starving peasants, “Let them eat cake.”

They don’t have other schools, Rabbi Ploni. Your community has a dozen schools, and they are banned from all of them! And you are silent.

Some time later, I was shocked to read about a prominent synagogue in Florida, and then another one in upstate NY, that adopted a policy to ban unvaccinated community members from shul. Even more shockingly, unvaccinated Jewish women were prohibited from using the mikva. Shomu shomayim. Unspeakable.

When these rabbis were challenged on their bizarre policy, they responded shamefully: “Let them create their own shuls and mikvas.”

These rabbis and lay leaders are committing the grave sin of לא תתגודדו, “Do not create divisions among Israel forcing them into differing factions.”

Most unsettling about this fiasco is the verse, the source of this ancient teaching:

The same verse, לא תתגודדו, literally teaches us not to unnecessarily poke, stab or gash ourselves.

This is in fact the reason why many of these educated individuals decide not to vaccinate in the first place. If a needle stab is indeed unnecessary for the health of THIS individual, then s/he is absolutely prohibited from getting that vaccine.

At least one vaccine on the mandatory schedule (for which children are being banned from school and families from shul) is medically unnecessary for the young child or individual in question according to all experts: Hepatitis B. Moreover, other vaccines might arguably be medically unnecessary as well, and if that is indeed the case, then they are per force prohibited by Jewish law. This prohibition, not to inflict oneself with an unnecessary wound, is alluded to in the Biblical verse, “לא תתגודדו,” the very same verse that admonishes us not to divide the Jewish people into different factions, and NOT to create an environment in which a Jewish child may attend one school but not another, or a Jewish family may attend one shul but not another. 

Two agudos. One school and shul for the vaccinated, one school and shul for the unvaccinated. Such division is prohibited by halacha.

I find this ominous “coincidence” too remarkable to pass up, so I am bringing it to your urgent attention today, on this awesome Day of Judgment, the day we all must “stand before G-d.”

Rabbi _____, how dare you stand before Hashem in your errant community who has insolently and unjustly banned hundreds of healthy children from school?

How dare you stand before G-d, rabbis and lay-leaders of certain synagogues (and you know who you are) who have shockingly banned sweet Jewish children and their parents from attending shul this Yom Kippur?

How dare you ironically invoke the prayers “May we all become one agudah, one band, to do Hashem’s will with one complete heart” when you have flagrantly transgressed the grave violation, “Do not make them into agudos agudos,” don’t divide Israel into artificial factions of vaccinated and unvaccinated!?

How can you invoke “a complete heart” when you have cruelly broken the hearts of countless Jewish children and their parents in your communities!?

Your minyan is incomplete. Your prayers are deficient. You have been found lacking before G-d, heaven forfend. It was by your own doing.

You offer empty lip-service that “they all become one agudah” while you’ve made them into “agudos agudos.” You have divided Hashem’s holy people, His beloved children, as the verse begins: “בנים אתם לה’ אלקיכם – You are children to Hashem your G-d.”

You inflicted Hashem’s beloved children with unnecessary and divisive gashes. You’ve scarred them with factionalism and polarity. In your zeal to promote “public health,” you infected your community with a deadly and highly-contagious disease called sinas chinam, senseless hatred toward a fellow Jew.

I implore you and beg you:

Leave your shul right now and run to invite those alienated Jewish children and families.

I don’t care if it’s in the middle of kol nidrei or neilah. Remember the selflessness of the Baal haTanya who abruptly left shul in the middle of the avoda (in musaf of Yom Kippur) to care for a yoledes and her newborn who had been abandoned by all others in their zeal to go to shul on that auspicious day.

Leave your shul and run to those homes of those children you betrayed.

Welcome them. Embrace them. Make them feel welcome. Apologize to them. Beg their forgiveness. Assure them that you will not abandon them or alienate them ever again.

Rebuke your errant community members who think they are somehow doing something good by alienating and marginalizing fellow Jews.

Tell them that these families are justified in not vaccinating due to the Biblical commandment, “לא תתגודדו – Do not poke, jab or gouge yourselves,” and that we may NOT marginalize them due to the very same commandment, “לא תתגודדו – Do not make them into agudos agudos.”

And then we will truly be “one agudah,” one people with one complete heart.

And then our Father will bless us.

May our heavenly Father bless you and yours with a sweet new year, a new year and new decade of true unity and blessing for all.

Rabbi Michoel Green

Westborough, MA

Footnote 1. Speaking of Yom Kipur and agudahachas, at the very onset of the awesome day, we permit transgressors to join us for prayer in one agudah, since any fast day that doesn’t include posh’ei Yisroel is not a fast day (Kerisus 6b). Abaye based this on the Biblical verse “ואגודתו על ארץ יסדה – He founded His agudah on earth (Amos 9:6). See Shulchan Aruch Harav 619:1.

2. Speaking of Yom Kipur and agudah achas, at the very onset of the awesome day, we permit transgressors to join us for prayer in one agudah, since any fast day that doesn’t include posh’ei Yisroel is not a fast day (Kerisus 6b). Abaye based this on the Biblical verse “ואגודתו על ארץ יסדה – He founded His agudah on earth (Amos 9:6). See Shulchan Aruch Harav 619:1.

3. Regarding the prohibition of “לא תתגודדו”, see Mishne Torah, Laws of Idol Worship, 12:13-14, Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 180:6-7. Regarding prohibition to self-inflict wound, see ibid Choshen Mishpat 420:31.

4. With regards to לא תתגודדו, it should be noted that the verse concludes “Do not gouge yourselves or put baldness between your eyes for the dead.” Perhaps the hint here is, “don’t cause divisions among your people out of fear of death.” Along similar lines, I imagine how some might interpret it homiletically: “Don’t stab, poke or gouge yourself unnecessarily out of unreasonable fear of death.” Or even “Don’t stab or poke yourself with ingredients that come from the dead,” i.e. the DNA of babies who were sacrificed in the name of “public health,” Hashem yishmor. Furthermore, it should be noted that “קרחה – baldness” is also symbolic of divisiveness and polarity, as the verse states, “ולא יהי’ כקורח וכל עדתו” – don’t be like Korach and sow dissent among Israel. ומסיימים בטוב.

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  1. Every single pediatrician, prominent gedolei Yisroel and the NYC Department of Health has endorsed and strongly supported this “discriminatory” policy so to stop the measles outbreak, and it would be a chilul hashem to just ignore this serious issue.

    • BSD
      That’s quite an unsubstantiated claim…the most erliche health-educated gedolim & health scientists completely disagree.

      As everyone knows – the more educated a parent (with genuine science), the less likely they will EVER allow such a medical intervention which is an issur d’oraisah – “vnishmartem…”

      • LOL. I am no doctor but have had numerous anti-vaxxers try to convince me with their “genuine science”. Each and every time I have shown them from their own sources how important it is to vaccinate.

        Yes there are SOME gedolim and “health scientists” who disagree, but they are very much in the minority. That is unless you are defining “health-educated” to only include those who agree with you. This is so clear to anyone with open eyes.

    • Where did you see the term “measles outbreak” mentioned in my letter? Children are being banned from learning Torah because they haven’t been vaccinated for Hepatitis B. Families are being banned from shul because of other vaccines of which there’s NO outbreak. Which gadol byisroel endorsed such extreme and bizarre exclusionary policy? Which pediatrician told you that Hep-B is medically necessary for your child? Shomu shomayim. This policy is the biggest chilul Hashem of our lifetime

    • Your statement Nachman could not be further from the truth. Look here and see a very large number of Gedolei Yisroel believe in free choice. So much so as that they write to deny children rights to education as a result of their parents desire for free choice is a chilul HKBH. Additionally the NY department of health is not our daas Torah just as the NY department of education is not our daas Torah. As we see, they are far from it. We follow our Gedoilim whom have taken a very strong pro choice stance.

  2. BSD

    Why do we seem to relate to the many severe admonitions in Sefer Devarim about being attracted to idol worship as some relics of the past when there “used to be a strong yetzer harah for avodah zarah”???

    Could it be that we have somehow absorbed that exact idol worship philosophy as our very own and that’s actually laced into all our mosdos? Anyone who courageously digs into the roots of pHARMa-based medical philosophy easily finds that it’s ALL about denying
    G-d’s rules of “haTEVAH”. Many nonJews refer to the vaccine agenda as “false gods”.

    Now the openly admit in their latest global vaccine summit that instead of “in G-d we trust”, they’ve determined “in Vaccines we trust”. So – there’s no doubting that vaccines are part of an avodah zarah philosophy. Is it possible, though, that since sooo many rabbanim decided that it’s a chiyuv to vaccinate – that has cleared vaccines from clearly being idol worship? If that’s true – can those especially empowered rabbanim & poskim also make chazir kosher???

    It also seems that too many of our popular religious leaders and influencers don’t feel it necessary to be “nossei b’ol im chaveiro”. I’ve personally contacted the most popular rabbanim & rebbetzins in the Jewish communities to help them understand the roots of the epidemic of rip-roaring health devastation, mental dysfunction, shortened lives, families torn asunder – since I’ve not stopped investigating this discombobulatingly mushrooming phenomenon for the last 30 years.

    Do you know what “gaslighting” is? It’s denying someone’s reality & refusing to acknowledge what they know as true for them – like a healthy baby going to the doctor for the deceptive “well checkup”, being injected with a toxin-laden injection, develops symptoms from the poisons, mother tells the doctor that the baby was sickened from the vaccine, & the doctor denies it, refuses to research it, & continues to damage more & more.

    Can we really afford to let this molech service continue or is it time to own up????

    Crying for yeshivos from Hashem while continuing to harm His precious children is worse than useless…it’s the ULTIMATE chillul Hashem.

    It’s never too late for teshuvah! Let’s all seek to truly humble ourselves, accept the truth that’s in our faces, and then come to Avinu shebaShamayim for forgiveness, yeshuos, & geulah (which can ONLY happen with loving achdus & not while bowing to the vaccine idol).

  3. Maybe this so called “measles outbreak” is Hashem’s test to see who we fear more – Him or what we think the general public will say about Jews.

    While mainstream medicine error has been acknowledged by Johns Hopkins to be the third leading cause of death in the US, the last CDC confirmed measles death in the US occurred in 2003.

    But keeping Jews out of yeshivot and shuls is destroying klal yisrael. Is that what you want to be responsible for?

  4. @Nachman M
    The only one that you haven’t included in your list is the one who created man, the one that controls disease and wellness, the one who gives and takes life, the one we ask for health. Where is Hashem in your picture??? Since when have the Department of Health, and pediatricians become G-d? What has happened to authentic Judiasm? How did we fall so low that “in vaccines we trust”? As far as the rabbanim, they are simply following what the doctors have told them. They have no knowledge or time to delve into the complex vaccine issue.

  5. I don’t know who you are, but your attitude that you feel you know better than the rabbonim and poskim who are behind such policies speaks volumes.

    • What does “feeling” that I know better than rabbanim, poskim, & their G-dless medical doctors have anything to do with this serious issue???

      Albert Einstein said it clearly, “unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth”.

      I don’t FEEL that I know better, I KNOW that I know better!

      My attitude, for your information, is this: I am a tzelem Elokim & have unlimited potential for greatness which I can achieve by utilizing the Divinely phenomenal tools to develop the cognitive & emotional abilities that I was Divinely designed with.

      I am no different than you in this regard. The ONLY difference is my RATZON & drive to emulate & cling to Hashem. We can learn, study, & practice all those essential truths & Middos through davening for & seeking the best spiritual mentors.

      We live in a time where – umalah haaretz dei’ah es Hashm ka’mayim la’yam mechasim…all that we need to know in order to cultivate the best life possible – v’achalta v’savata…is available, but we must be discerning!

      Some popular speakers on Torah anytime are extremely left-brained filled with knowledge but are clueless on how to integrate it into their hearts. Specifically listen to Rabbi MMW or try getting him to examine the REAL way vaccines “work” – the guy has been so afraid of speaking respectfully to any of MANY people who approached him. He is KNOWN for not having refined interpersonal skills with any depth. He seems very popular but scratch just a bit beneath the surface and it should frighten us all that HE is given access to so many ears. You cannot separate a person’s brainy Torah from his middos. Only Rabbi Meir, who was truly great could sift the words of “Acher” to collect a few jewels.

      So Rabbi MMW has “authority” & I have solid education & experience with health & NOT vaccinating. To whom does his family member listen to when she finally has her 1st precious baby at 39??? I told her that the baby is HER responsibility. I told her that I’ve been responsible for THOUSANDS of mothers asking the RIGHT questions & appropriately REJECTING the eugenic vaccine agenda.

      Check out vaxd vs nonvaxd surveys – get it through your heads! vaccines prevent only one thing! VIBRANT HEALTH & WELL BEING!

      For the best PROVEN modalities to be protected from possible complications of infectious diseases- email me at
      I am committed to empower you with REAL solutions that do not harm in the least!

    • You’re 100% right! No factions is legislated by our holy Torah! If there’s an “ir haneedachas” filled with idol worshippers, r”l, even if our own family is there – we must kill them out! Same happened by the eigel. Those loyal to HaShem were commanded to kill idol worshippers. Vaccines are 100% idol worship – majority or minority makes no difference. Majority of Jews in Mitzrayim were killed out. That can happen today as well, chalilah if we do not ALL wake up TODAY & do teshuvah! There are more than enough reminders.

  6. The argument is flawed from the outset. We declared that they should stand together to do the will of gd. Vaccinating is clearly said will.

    • BSD
      We’ll accept your opinion on whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate but please stay out of debates on which you are completely ignorant, thank you! You’ll do Klal Yisrael the greatest favor that way!

  7. I don’t understand your issue.
    If these children actually had the measles, or some other contagious disease, you would also want them to stay home and not go to school.
    The Department of Health has said that unvaccinated children are a health risk to others.
    So what is your issue exactly?

    • The Department of Health did not recomend kicking people out of shul. The law that passed for schools in NY and a few other states was more about pressuring people to vaccinate rather that addressing a true risk.

      The vast majority of health deparments in other states and the world do not recomend keeping unvaccinated kids out of school. Even in NY, they allow kids who have a medical exemption in school; proving that there is absolutely no direct risk from unvaccinated kids.

      Think for yourself; how is a perfectly healthy kid that happens to be unvaccinated similar to someone with an actual infection? Furthermore, are you vaccinated yourself? If you didn’t get a booster, most likley you are just as unvaccinated as those kids. Will you stay home from shul and not go to school to pick up your kid?

  8. I have met with several highly respected pediatricians, nurses and gedolim- Rabbi Kamenetzky is one- who strongly disagree with these new one-size-fits-all policies.
    You haven’t heard from them because they are shut out of the media, threatened, and shamed into silence, or outright ignored. I don’t understand the kind of middos that allow a person to shame a mother’s pain. I really don’t.

    Propaganda is a powerful thing. And the one who pays for it can direct the tone of ‘truth ‘ whichever way they like. Hitler’s minister of propaganda was the most powerful minister he appointed- even more powerful than the minister of war. Why? Because propaganda is what helps turn a country into a mob. It worked then and it can work now. History keeps repeating itself one way or another.

    If you have no idea why anyone would choose not to vaccinate, first say: THANK YOU Hashem!!!! You didn’t give me this heartbreaking nisayon!
    Second, I implore you, replace criticism with curiosity. Believe me, you have no idea…may you never need to know.

    We know as Jews to take the media with a grain of salt. Their portrayal of Israel shows how reality can be bent and effectively used to create popular opinion. Guess what, that’s the case for media always. Open your mind a little. Have compassion and seek truth for yourself.

    Following the herd is NOT a maala if you haven’t examined the issue for yourself with a fair mind. We have strict standards for kosher judges. If you choose to appoint yourself a judge follow those standards first.

    There are tens of thousands of parents in this country who will NEVER vaccinate their children. Most of them are not Jewish. This is not a Jewish shtick. This is a worldwide situation. Ask questions. Be open minded. This ‘movement’ has existed since vaccines existed. There have been measles outbreaks every single year and no deaths in the last 15 of them. However there are hundreds of proven documented deaths from the MMR. This sudden freakout is a media fabrication.
    All the measles cases that occurred are now the strongest holders of herd immunity a community could ask for.

    As for the immunocompromised among us, may they have a refuah sheleima bkarov. Did your doctor explain that several vaccines can shed within the first few weeks of receiving them and can put others at risk? Nope. But why??? It says so on the package insert. Its been documented that some of those outbreaks in the last few years were vaccine strain- in other words caused by the vaccine themselves. Why is noone giving this due importance?

    With vaccines there is also the very real, again documented, risk of being an asymptomatic carrier. This means an individual can feel fine but be spreading illness to others. Thats very dangerous. It bypasses the natural order of things: when you dont feel well stay away from others. St. Jude’s pediatric cancer ward does not admit any visitors who have had a vaccine administered within the last 6 weeks. Hmmmm…..

    As well, vaccines don’t cover mrsa, rsv, shigella, mono and the many other diseases that would be dangerous for the weaker among us. Sanitizing the world is not going to work. Let’s work on healing, and promoting safe health practices which include keeping children and adults home to rest and recover instead of dosing with Tylenol and being out among everyone else.

    Lastly, the idea that we should be ashamed and ostracized for not loving or believing in vaccines? That sounds, smells and looks like avoda zara worship to me. Or at least a new and acceptable form of radical religion. As a Torah- true
    Jew, that is unacceptable.

    • 👍🏻 Right on…people do your research BOTH ways. Whatever you decide to do for your family, kol hakavod, but there’s sound arguments for both sides…

      • You mean that 1 side SOUNDS sensible (don’t tamper with an intricate immune system with poisons & foreign dna) & the other side makes lots of LOUD noisy SOUNDS.

        You’re right! Whether you believe you should or shouldn’t – you’re right. Like my friends daughter told me – so what if my baby is delayed – he can get therapy.

        This reminds me of tehillim 106 (35-38) – talks about mothers sacrificing their sons & daughters to the local avodah zarah & their children’s innocent blood was poured.

  9. This article reeks of ignorance. People who choose not to vaccinate are not making a “personal” choice. They are choosing not only to expose themselves to preventable illnesses, but the entire community. As such, they are putting their fellow Jews in danger. It is folly to think that vaccines are for harmless childhood illnesses. Babies, older people, and immunosuppressed people can become critically ill from these supposedly harmless illnesses. If even one life is lost or one person ends up hospitalized due to exposure to an unvaccinated individual, what does that make the unvaccinated individual? Could it be a rodef?

    • BSD
      Look at your own self-identification: “SICK of anti-vaxx poppycock”. Funny you should do that because your comment is laden with fear of sickness and the hero-worship of vaccines that ALL come with the DOCUMENTED risk of death. See USA claims of “adverse reactions” for ANY vaccine – MANY deaths are associated with these time bombs.

      You sound like someone who has been programmed and indoctrinated with lots of “anti-G-d knows what He’s doing” poppycock. As a medical professional all you studied: disease, diagnosis, & dangerous drugs! NOTHING about creating health. This is obvious to those who WANT & are ENTITLED to genuine health.

      So – you go ahead and stick yourself with diseases & weaponized substances if you feel so “safe” doing that (especially if you get lots of bonuses injecting your zombified patients).

      Just know – that the TRUTH has been around since Jenner’s time – vaccines SPREAD disease exactly as they’re designed to do.

      Check out the dire warning of the Chazon Ish in his sefer Emunah uBitachon – p. 62-64 – how serious it is for someone to MISIDENTIFY who is the REAL rodef & the true nirdaf.

      If you have any “skin in the game” – any n’geeos WHATSOEVER or are willfully ignorant about developmental disease & the role of fever in the DIVINELY created body – how DARE you tell anyone what they should blindly allow to be injected into their loved ones?!?!?!?

      It’s the ultimate psychopathical arrogance! “Hasheiv gmul al gayim”!

    • “When was the last time you were vaccinated? If you are not vaccinated with 72 vaccines recommended by the CDC today and you were vaccinated for MMR it was more than 10 years ago and NO longer effective you are not vaccinated and are a danger to your kids and society and should not be near people.

  10. Sorry Nachman M,

    The vast, vast majority of state, federal, and international health departments do NOT recomend excluding unvaccinated children from school and even NYC does not recomend excluding from shul.

    Very few pediatricians would claim it would be dangerous to allow unvaccinated children into school when there is no outbreak; the only reason to exclude them would be to pressure them to vaccinate, which does not rise to the level of sakanah.

    Some Gedolim have written a letter saying one is not allowed to exclude children who are unvaccinated. So you have both sides and very few Rabbonim feel you should exclude unvaccinated unless there is an outbreak (which is over with literally zero deaths in 2017 – 2019).

    Nachman M, what you say is absolutely misinformed.

    • Neither I nor you are experts in reading and understanding statistics. But this one is easy.
      Much more people received the vaccination than didn’t, which is why these statistics are totally misleading.

      A little critical thinking will show you how easy it is to make mistakes when you are not an expert

  11. “Harvard Study – UnVaccinated kids do not pose ANY more risk than vaccinated kids.

    Vaccinated kids are much less healthy.

    Vaccines did not make smallpox and polio go away this is a myth and lie put out by the pharma propaganda machine, with no basis in medical history or reality.

      • BSD
        We’ll accept your opinion on whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate but please stay out of debates on which you are completely ignorant, thank you! You’ll do Klal Yisrael the greatest favor that way!

    • BSD
      Yes, Zack – the truth is mighty scary to some…so much so that calling truth “apikorsus” is like taking OxyContin – it’ll put you out of your pain & out of all your sense of emes. Refuah Shlaimah to you & the sickened majority. If you would genuinely value health, you’d be singing a very different song…

  12. It’s interesting how when it comes to vaccines, suddenly everyone has faith in the Department of Health. When the Department of Health tried to ban M’tzizah B’peh, everyone fought against them. When New York State recommends longer hours of secular studies 125 thousand people object.

    Are you aware that the Department of Health says that is perfectly safe for someone with Hepatitis B to go to school, but is somehow unsafe for someone who is not vaccinated against Hepatitis B to go to school?

    A little more critical thinking and less blind trust in a government that is clearly influenced by industry would go along way. The media (who get $5 billion in pharma advertising dollars) have done a good job of getting people to not think for themselves or listen to doctors and scientists on the other side to learn their perspective.

    More info can be found at if you are willing to be open-minded. Not an easy thing when you are brainwashed by the media.

  13. Let them…. is a way of making a point. If they want to live amongst society, they need to conform to the majority. If they think they do not need to conform to society, let them try and create their own. Because they cannot, they must conform.
    That is a halachic point too. That is why the premise of this pathos laden article is completely wrong.


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