RUOC calls Manalapan Kiruv Organization “Filth”


RUOC called the Kiruv organization “Manalapan Jewish Connection” “filth” mocking Rabbi Rosenthal’s fundraising efforts.

Their attempt at shaming Rabbi Rosenthal backfired and fired up the campaign.

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Rabbi Rosenthal and Rabbi Jacoby operate a kiruv/educational organization in Manalapan.

The organization hosts speakers such as Rabbis Mordechai Becher, Jonathan Rietti, and Dr. Herman Presby on topics such as Torah and science, proving the Torah is true, and antisemitism.

Additionally, they learn one on one with community members, and pair them up with others to learn. The 2 rabbis teach weekly classes, and have holiday parties to create a camaraderie among the Jewish families in the area.

R’ Rosenthal originates from Manalapan, learned in Ner Yisroel for 10 years and received Smicha there.

Rabbi Rosenthal tells GreaterLakewood, the community is β€˜super friendly’ and people from literally all sorts of backgrounds come and join the programs.


There are 3 Kollels in Manalapan. Kollel of Manalapan which has been there for 20 years, the Kollel of Western Monmouth County and The Kollel Horaah in Marlboro.  

In addition,  R’ Rosenthal brought NCSY back to Manalapan for youth programming so that children can be involved.

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  1. Ruoc is afraid of the truth they blocked out every orthodox jew from posting anything on their page to counter any if their lies.They must b closed down as their hate will cause innocent jewish blood to be spilled


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