UPDATED – Safety alert: Geese are VERY aggressive around their eggs, Message from Lakewood Police Chief


There have been multiple reports of people doing Shiluach Hakan on Geese – with some saying how ‘aggressive we are’ with the ill people at RUOC saying ‘the Torah may command you to behave like this, but we don’t”

Geese, however, can get very aggressive – without doing anything to them but by merely being close to them or their babies/eggs.

Lakewood Police Chief Meyer told GreaterLakewood “Please stay away from nesting geese as the mothers are overly protective and can become aggressive if you get to close.”

Adding in “And to be careful when driving around parks and lakes as most eggs have hatched and baby geese are walking along the road ways.”

Of course it is Tzar Baalei Chaim to hurt an Animal – a Torah commandment (May be D’rabanan but the Gemorah leans D’ioraysa). Anyone who injures or harms an animal – any animal – is going against the Torah and the law.

GreaterLakewood has confirmed with Lakewood Police, incidents where people allegedly injured or hit geese are being investigated by the NJ Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

Just follow Halacha and you will be all right!

UPDATE: 101.5FM and other news outlets covered this story. However, on Shabbos, a NJ couple killed a goose, yet, they failed to cover the story…Wonder why?


  1. Hi Jane. Religion by definition can’t become outdated— it’s in essence timeless. So too, Religion by definition can’t be considered cruel— just the opposite, it’s G-dly. What you obviously mean to say is, stop practicing your religion; Well, that ain’t gonna happen. Freedom of religion is, as the constitution clearly states, one of the fundamentals upon which the USA was established. Don’t like it? No problem, I have a simple solution for you, move to Iran.

  2. RUOC was formed because of overdevelopment, correct? When did they become obsessed with the laws of nidda, shiluch hakan, prim etc. Are they about over development or fostering hatred against orthodox jews?

    Also, if they would like an honest and true explanation regarding the various Torah laws that they agitate about, why do they ban any orthodox jew that can write coherently from their page?

    Food for thought…

  3. Stop coddling these people with your stupid reporting. Common sense and decency should be all you need to have when dealing with federally protected geese. Leave them and their eggs alone! You are not above the law.

  4. An anonymous person claims that anonymous orthodox jews tormented Canadian geese. And to prove this, she has a picture of an orthodox family getting into a van. I’m guessing this is the FAKEST NEWS EVER!

    • I HAVE to leave my 2 cents here… Reading these comments makes me ill. I know personally just ONE person who witnessed the killing of goose eggs by residents of Lakewood. Not just once but SEVERAL times. Then there was a man who stopped her in the parking lot of her job located in the industrial area off 70 …asking if she knew of any nesting sites.. When asked WHY he waved his hand to dismiss her…and drove away.
      Just admit what was being done was WRONG… and STOP it!!
      NOT being Anti-semetic….just being REAL!!!!


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