SCHEDULE: Upcoming free Tefillin programs


What is Hanacha K’halacha?  It’s a program that raises awareness of the proper way to perform the mitzvah of tefillin.  On designated mornings, qualified sofrim visit shuls and yeshivas upon request, to check and adjust the tefillin of the morning mispallelim.  They adjust the placement of the Rosh, the Yad, both Kesharim (knots), the blackness, width and condition of the retzuos (straps), the tefiros (stitching), the re’buah (squareness), and more. They even have a ‘painting’ station.

Following GL’s article on the Historic Tefillin Awareness Program In BMGreaders requested more information on upcoming events.

You asked, we answered:

  • September 8, Khal Machzeh Avrohom, Kensington (Rav Mordechai Zev Wosner)
  • September 15, Toms River Learning Center (Rav Moshe Rotberg)
  • September 22 Khal Tomchei Torah, Flatbush (Rav Sholom Plutchok)
  • October 27, Beirach Moshe Satmar, Williamsburg
  • Rabbi Treff’s yeshiva in Lakewood, before Rosh Hashona, date not confirmed.

Hanacha K’halacha’s services are free of charge to the individual participant, but sponsorships are always appreciated.


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