SEE IT & DECIDE: Atlantic heating & cooling owner calls Jews ‘parasites,’ and an ‘infestation’


Tim Puco, is a RUOC fan who, in the past, has ranted against cutting down trees for Yeshivas, sending foreign aid to Israel ‘for what?’ and has called Orthodox Jews ‘parasites,’ and says orthodox Jews are an ‘infestation.’

However, what some may find concerning is that Mr. Puco owns Atlantic Heating & Cooling, a company some Orthodox Jews use. Mr Puco comes into his clients homes to service AC units.

Would you want an individual who calls you a ‘parasite’ and ‘infestion’ and posts David Duke content – into your home? Asking for a friend.

How do you know he owns Atlantic heating & cooling? Maybe he is a disgruntled employee?

Atlantic Heating & Cooling’s legal address is 1267 Coronado StLakewoodNJ 08701, and Timothy Puco comes up as living at that address.

Furthermore, a person reached out to Atlantic heating and cooling to express concern over Mr Puco’s anti-semitic rants, but the email went to Mr Puco since he ‘works for himself.’


  1. Even I have to admit this is Anti semetic and for the King of Anti-semetism of Ocean county to say it, you know it must be true!!

  2. Yes, frum people should not be patronizing businesses of people who hate us. End of story. If they dont want us here, dont take our money.

  3. We should expose all business owners that have negative things to say about us.
    I wouldn’t want to give anybody money that wishes I didn’t exist.
    At the same time, I believe we have to always strive to make G-D proud of the decisions we make. I’m not a Rabbi but Anti-Semitism may be a wake-up call that we need to behave better and improve our ways.

    • The block this man works on (where his 3+ vans are parked on the street) are full of very nice neighbors who are friendly, keep clean houses, lawns etc. Most men work hard, and everyone pays taxes. Everyone follows the law.

      He has NOTHING to complain about regarding the neighborhood in Raintree. Ive been there for over 10 years; since more Jews moved in, the loud parties all night stopped, the drug dealers have moved out and been replaced with nice quiet families, the houses have been cleaned and repainted and some redone, and the value of the neighborhood has only improved. Talk to Ray Coles who lives around the corner; he has only nice things to say about all his neighbors. If someone is looking to hate Jews he will hate them.

      Last year, he posted a picture of a house being built on RUOC and insinuated that the person stole money to build it and that people have ‘illegal tenants’ because they have multiple AC units (as an HVAC business, how do you not know about multiple zones in one house that help lower the electric bill???). The homeowner had lived in a very small house and outgrew it and knocked it down and rebuilt it with his own hard earned money. The only reason why people would make comments like this is hatred and jealousy. End of story.

  4. I am a contractor and I’ve never used him before but I happen to be the middle of a project where Atlantic Heating and Cooling is the licensed HVAC contractor that I pulled the permits with. The owner of the company as far as I know lives in Howell not in Lakewood and his name is Mariush or something like that.
    Can someone please get some clarification on this?


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